Nick Rotundo English Actor
  • Date of death: 30-08-2011
Other Skills

Nick Rotundo was a Canadian film and sound editor who worked primarily in cinema and television. Born in Canada, Nick grew up with his parents, Eleonora and Pietro Rotundo, and sister Filomena. Nick began his career with sound editing in 1981 with the animated movie “Heavy Metal”. In the next year, he dabbled in both film and sound editing in “Humongous” and continued it throughout the decade with films like “Cross Country”, “Blindside”, “The Blue Man”, “Red-Blooded American Girl”, “Thrill kill”, “Prom Night II”, etc.

After the ‘90’s began, Nick Rotundo mainly started to focus on film editing and left sound editing altogether. He was the editor behind movies like “The Big Slice”, “Drop Dead Gorgeous”, “Ghost Mom”, “Red Hot”, “Dead Stop”, ”The No Contest series”, “Red-Blooded American Girl II”, “A Brooklyn State of Mind”, “More to Love”, “The Life Before This”, “Grizzly Falls”, etc. Nick also edited the music in “Flying” and “Red-Blooded American Girl”. During the same decade, he wrote and directed two films, namely “Gladiator Cop” (1995) and “G2” (1999). Nick continued film editing for several movies in the 2000’s and 2010’s.

He has “The Fourth Angel”, “Hollywood Flies”, “Survival Island”, “The Marsh”, “Bad Girl Island”, “Death Warrior”, etc, to his credits. He also edited TV series like “Recipe for Murder”, “Never Cry Werewolf” and “Republic of Doyle”. Nick was married to Andrea, with whom he has three children, Alexandra, Julien, and Peter. He and Andrea gotdivorced later, and Nick started living with his partner Janie Simons till the end of his life. After having a tough battle with cancer, Nick died on 30th August 2011 at Sunnybrook Hospital in Toronto, Canada.