Eli Nilsen English Actress

Eli Nilsen is a Norwegian film editor who grew up in Stavanger, Norway. She went to Chicago to study Film and Television at Columbia College after pursuing her Bachelors in Media Studies from the University of Bergen. It was in Columbia that she discovered her immense love and passion for film editing, and this discovery made her apply for the editing program at the American Film Institute. There, her love and passion for editing grew much and was built further by her respectable mentors, Farrell Levy and Howard Smith.

Eli Nilsen has got the editor credits for the following TV series: The Last Tzaddik (1998), Falling from Grace (1999), Black Scorpion (2001), A Wondrous Fate (2003), Buddy (2003), Black Ball (2003), NYPD Blue (2003), Kjeter (2006), Marias Men (2006), Trust Me (2009), Rizzoli & Isles (2010), A Journey to Golf’s Post: Creating Old Macdonald (2010), Life Happens (2011), The Closer (2012), Major Crimes (2012), Widow Detective (2012), Emily Owens M.D (2012), Criminal Minds Criminal Minds is an American police crime fiction >> Read More... Criminal Minds (2013), Acquitted (2015), The Killers: Dirt Sledding (2015), Four Stars (2016), Reign (2015), No Apologies (2018), Get Shorty (2019), Empire (2020) and Station 19 (Current).

In 1998, Eli Nilsen was honored with the A Women in Film Scholarship, with which she was able to complete her graduation. Working at the Roger Corman Film School made her continue editing education after graduation.Editing for NYPD Blue was a milestone in her editing career, after which spent seven entire years editing for the Closer. It was during her time off in Norway that she edited two feature films. She is also a proud member of local 700 and ACE. Eli Nilsen works as an editor at CBS Television Studios. She is also associated with Miso Film Norge as a picture editor for the Frikjent TV series.

She is skilled and is a pro at various editorial spheres such as editing feature films, post-production editing, editing avid documentaries, using a final cut pro, writing scripts for comedy and drama formass media such as reality shows, television series, and films. Eli Nilsen has also worked for various radios writing scripts for shows that were aired. Eli Nilsen, being a person who is fond of editing and filmography, is a very versatile person with an abundance of interest and knowledge in film editing. She is a wonderful woman who has made her passion for editinga successful profession for life.