Birthday: 1969

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Adam Salky English Actor

Adam Salky

Adam Salky is a very popular Director, Producer and Editor as well. He is the Director of many amazing movies. He knows editing as well. There are many directors who got into Direction after doing a lot of Post Production. Post-Production gives the knowledge of shots very well. Salky is a post expert and he directs movies also, so he adds his touch to the post work also. Adam has done many TV series named Blindspot in the year 2017, UnCabaret in the year 2012 and much more. These were the very popular TV series by him. He did many popular short films as well such as Drinks in the year 2015, Black, White and Grey in the year 2012 and much more. All the short films are amazing and have the outstanding concepts. People love to watch his work and they appreciate him as well. He has also done a Documentary named Recruiter in the year 2008 which everyone liked a lot. He did the movie I Back in the year 2015 and this was an amazing movie. I Smile Back is a Drama Film and it is about a girl who has two children and a husband and she is has a habit of consuming Alcohol and Drugs very much and her husband and children get irritated. The direction of the film is amazing and it is worth watching. I Smile Back have breathtaking shots and it a notable film of Adam Salky. He also did the movie Dare in the year 2009 and this movie is also an outstanding film by him. The writer of this film is David Brind and he has written an amazing script. Dare is a Drama film and it also has outstanding attention grabbing shots. Adam Salky did a great job in this movie as well. From the direction point of view the movie the film is amazing.  He also did a movie named Dare in the year 2005, but this was a short film. He did two films named Dare. Dare (2005) is about two teenagers, a girl and a boy and the girl has a crush on the guy. Adam has done this movie also brilliantly. Adam Salky is very hard-working and he tries his best to make all his movies successful ones. He is an amazing director and leaves a mark on the audience’s mind after every movie. He did Boys Life 5 and this is also a segment of Dare. He is an outstanding director and his films are always worth watching.