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Born on 12th June 1990, Kevjumba is an American blogger, humanitarian, and activist. He is known for his comedy on YouTube as KevJumba. He is recognized for his straight vocal deliveries and cute facial expressions. His real name is Kevin Wu. Kevin was born in Houston, Texas. He was born to Michael Wu. His father is a computer engineer. He got his graduation in 2008 from Clements High School, Texas. Predominantly, known for his funny YouTube videos, KevJumba got recognization from his video – ‘I have to deal with stereotypes’. He also introduced his father – PapaJumba, on YouTube in a video called ‘Butthash Hero’. In 2008, Kevin become one of the top five YouTubers under the age of 21 in the group of East Asians. In the summer of 2010, Wu appeared in web series ‘Funemployed’ as Kyle.

After that, he took a break from YouTube for almost three years and returned again on 21st April 2016. Meanwhile, he started a blog ‘Monk.College,’ while he was on a break. He took a break from YouTube because he wanted to meditate and also because he had his college. He went to Santa Monica College to pursue spirituality and started attending Bible lessons. Soon, Wu privatized his blog ‘Monk. College.’ In 2015, Wu had a drastic car accident which left him shattered. His spine got broke. He had two major surgeries. Wu has broadcasted over 70 live shows and 23 recorded shows on BlogTV. In 2008, he was seen in ‘Hooking Up’ starring Jessica Rose and Phillip DeFranco. He has done an independent film with Justin Chon Justin Chon is a Korean origin actor based in Amer >> Read More... , Gerry Bedknob, and Felicia Day named Rock Jocks.

Kevin donates all his earnings to a charity from his another page named as ‘JumbaFund.’ In 2010, Wu participated in ‘The Amazing Race’ with his father, though got eliminated in the Leg 7. In December 2012, ‘Hang Loose’; Wu’s first independent feature film was released. The film stars Kevin himself, Dante Basco, Justin Chon, and many more. Kevin is a hardcore fan of stand-up comedy. His favorite comedian is Dave Chappelle It is a very rare coincidence where a comedian is >> Read More... . His parents were surprised at first as such they never found him a comedy person. They were also scared that this will affect his grades and school. He loves sports. Wu is a fan of soccer and has been playing it for 11 years. His hobbies include playing soccer, movies, hanging out with friends, and watching Television. He has done films like Hang Loose, Rock Jocks, Revenge of the green dragons, and Man Up.


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