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Written By - Team Nettv4u

It is an arduous task to come into the television and film industry, and it takes a lot of courage, hard work, versatility, and most of all, passion for claiming yourself a worthy actor, and Keith L Williams has proven it. Keith Leon Williams is one of the striving young artists who are going to lead this industry someday. Williams is an American child artist most recognized for his roles in comedy series, as Lucas in ‘Good Boys’ and Jasper in ‘The Last Man on Earth.’ Keith has been a part of several nominations, including a joint Young Entertainer Award for the Best Young Ensemble cast. From the very beginning, this actor was inclined towards this passion.

William was born on the 21st May 2007 in Fort Worth, Texas, USA, and has two siblings, both brothers. As his older brother started his career in acting, it intrigued Keith also, and he decided to give it a try but he always wanted to be a part of the funniest comedy series. In 2010, Williams along with his family moved to Los Angeles, California, and he went to a Local school in LA, California. After two months in Los Angeles, he got his hands on one commercial, which served as a promising beginning of good things. Since then, he was offered enough of commercials, and in 2014, he got his first role in “Suburgatory” as Miles and was also cast in “ Selfie Click to look into! >> Read More... ” as Kevin. He was also a part of the TV series’ “Tosh.0.” and “The Goldbergs.” All these roles gave him quite recognition among directors and producers.

Keith was wholeheartedly committed to his career, and despite being a child, he never allowed someone/something to come his way. He had done an ample number of roles till now. He was also a part of series which gained immense popularity, The Astronauts. Keith is just a child actor, yet he worked so hard; he was challenging and assertive while paving his way in this industry. In addition, we should not forget that he is a teenager holding up his schooling and acting career smoothly. He had made an impression of some young stalwart, and many more prominent roles are on his way. William has spent six years in this industry and is moving steadily ahead with a lot of respect, fame, and support.


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