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Bengali Movie Actor Tapen Chatterjee
  • DOB : 03-09-1937
  • Date of death: 24-05-2010
  • Lived For : 72 Years
  • Star Sign : Virgo
  • Gender : Male

Tapen Chatterjee was born on September the 3rd, 1937 at Kolkata Bengal Presidency, British India. He completed his engineering and settled in Rajasthan with a good job. Later Tapen moved to Kolkata and joined hands with Sandesh, the Bengali Magazine Company which was then handled by Satyajit Ray Biographies reveal bare details about the maverick >> Read More... . After joining Sandesh, he started his career as an advertisement manager for the children's magazine. The editor of the magazine Sandesh, helped him get into the Film industry. His first film was Mahanagar during the year 1963 which was directed by Satyajit Ray, who had also written the screenplay.

Mahanagar was a Bengali drama made in 1963. It is the story of a housewife and about her traditional family values,and also how managed to get a job as a saleswoman. The heroine of the movie was Jaya Bachchan Born on 9th April 1948 Jaya Bachchan is an Indian >> Read More... . This was her first movie on her way to becoming a leading actress in the Bollywood industries. The talkie was honored at the 14th Berlin International Film Festival with the Best Director award. In the year 1964, the cinema obtained the award for Best Foreign Language Film at the 36th Academy Awards and was also awarded the Best Feature Film during the National Film Awards The National Film Awards gets presented every year >> Read More... in the year 1963. Chatterjee’s next film was Nanigopaler Biye during the year 1967.

After this movie, in 1969, Chatterjee appeared as a singer for the film Goopy Gyne Bagha Byne. He sang the song Aaha Ki Aananda Aakshe Batashe, an all time favorite among the Bengali’s. It was based on the story of couples, which was a fantasy adventure as well as a comedy. Tapen Chatterjee appeared as a hero in this movie. The movie received a positive response from the critics and was awarded the prestigious Best Feature Film as well as the Best Directed Film at the 16th National Film Awards. It was also acclaimed internationally, having won the Best Director,Best Film as well as the Silver Cross Awards.

The film was nominated for a Golden Bear at the Berlin Film Festival but unfortunately, it did not win. Tapen Chatterjee passed away on 24th May 2010 at Kolkata, West Bengal, India. His last film was in the year 1991,in Goopy Bagha Phire Elo,where he played the role of the king of the luxurious kingdom Sandy. It won several awards from BSK, namely the Best Indian Film, the Best Direction Film, the Best Choreography, Best Lyrics, Best Music, Best Playback Singing and Best Editing and was undoubtedly the most outstanding work done that year by Tapen Chatterjee.


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