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Chhabi Biswas

Other names of Chhabi Biswas: Chhobi Bishshash
Bengali Movie Actor Chhabi Biswas
Chhabi Biswas (From 12 July 1900 – 11 June 1962) was a well-known Bengali actor. He has been appreciated for his work in Tapan Sinha’s Kabuliwala, Satyajit Ray’s films Jalsaghar in 1958, Devi in 1960 and Kanchenjungha in 1962.

He was reminiscing for the roles of typical upper-class father and he himself was a part of a rich and cultured North Kolkata family in real life. His father, Bhupatinath Biswas was a social worker. His real name was Sachindra nath but his mother used to call him Chhabi which means a beautiful picture and his nickname remained his identification throughout his life and career.

He did his matriculation from Hindu School and enrolled at the Presidency College and later at the Vidyasagar College. Along with this he started with theatre and was inspired by the famous and mythological, Sisir Kumar Bhaduri, theatre artist. Chhabi himself became famous as a theatre artist with his performance in the play – Nader Nimai. 
Chhabi left acting to join an insurance company and started a business dealing in jute products. But he could stay away from the stage love for much time and made a comeback as an actor in a social melodrama Samaj. He continued working as a theatre artist even after his success as a film actor.

His performances in the play such as Shoroshi, Sita and Shahjehan made him an admired figure. Biswas made his movie making debut in a film called Annapurnar Mandir in 1936. He was spectacular in Debaki Bose’s film Nartaki in 1940. With this film he was known for the roles of the paterfamilias and he showcased his talent in the films such as Ashok, Parineeta, Dwanda, Mandana etc. He died in an accident on 11th June 1962.


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