Secret Superstar Movie Review

4 / 5.0

Secret Superstar is an Aamir Khan home production banner movie, which is produced by the actor and his wife Kiran Rao. The film released on 19th October and it is a complete family entertainer. The film stars Zaira Wasim, Aamir Khan and Meher Vij in the lead roles. The film is directed by a newcomer Advait Chandan, who also penned the story. Music is composed by Amit Trivedi and Zee Studios released the movie worldwide. Anil Mehta is the cinematographer of Secret Superstar.


The script is a familiar one where a young Muslim girl named Insia Malik, who aspires to become a singer and fights against the strict code implemented by an orthodox Muslim family, where the girl finds her father a great obstacle and yet reaches her goal as a singer. Music director Shakti Kumar helps her achieve the goals. What all did Shakti do to bring Insia up in her life? To accomplish her goals, what all did Insia lose? Did her dad accept her? Watch it on the silver screens.

Star Performance

Zaira Wasim plays the role of a rebellious girl who dons the hat of a struggling singer. Zaira steals the show as an aspiring singer and matches the screen presence of a 15-year-old teenage girl who sketches her character like a star performer of any TV musical show. Meher plays Zaira’s mother and Raj Arjun plays Zaira’s father. Both Vij and Raj have excelled the role with their terrific performances. Aamir Khan plays the role music composer Shakti Kumaarr who brings out the talent of Zaira to the limelight. But Aamir’s lavish costumes with modern hairstyle and costly spectacles throw a funny attitude of a music composer. Aamir appears in a flamboyant character, who has a carefree attitude towards the musical world. As usual, Aamir steals the show with his casual performance.


The film directed by Advait has a lot of good moments. Aamir Khan and Zaira matched the role well and thanks to the casting team. Although the film exposes the reality, it loses its hold in the middle. Although the film is told in a perfect narrative pattern of the modern musical world and how a middle-class Muslim girl finds it a difficult task to climb the ladder of hope and success as a singer, her journey has regressive moments. Since the movie is a perfect picture of Mumbai mainstream music industry it has all aspect of high-impact of melodrama molded with emotions of joy and sorrow of the characters. Zaira’s costumes are driven from Jaya Bhaduri’s role in’ Guddi’ as a school girl with a similar hairstyle.

What is There?

  • Dangal” star Zaira has teamed up again with Aamir Khan after Dangal and their performance is highly appreciable
  • The film pushes the story forward and the star performances behind it.
  • The film is a neat family entertainer like Taare Zameen Par.
  • Soulful music by Amit Trivedi.

What is not There?

  • The film starts very slow and loses its interest in second half.


The film has a strong message for viewers how a teenage girl can push her goal with high confidence. And if a girl has a backing of a mother, nothing is impossible to achieve in life. Truly one would give high-rating for this soulful family entertainer. Aamir’s Secret Superstar is not only an entertainer but a good message oriented movie that boosts up the youngsters to achieve their goals.

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