Anmol Ahuja is a Casting Director and an amazing assistant Director. Casting Director plays a very important role in any movie because he should get someone who can fit into the role completely. Casting Director should know the capabilities of the person and whether the person would be able to do the role or not. Anmol is a very good casting director.

Anmol Ahuja generally works with Abhishek Banerjee Abhishek Banerjee is a writer and actor in Indian >> Read More... Abhishek Banerjee as casting director. People know him for the movie Dirty Picture which got released in the year 2011; he was the casting director in the movie and did a great job as all the characters were according to the role. He is the casting Director of the movie Gabbar Is Back Click to look into! >> Read More... Gabbar Is Back which got released in the year 2015, Bombay Talkies Click to look into! >> Read More... Bombay Talkies which got release in the year 2013 and the movie Margarita with a Straw which got release in the year 2014. Anmol has also worked as an Assistant Director, Second Unit Director and as Production Manager as well. He has done the post production of the movies like Ajiji, Powerplay, Brij Mohan Amar Rahe and much more. As an assistant director, he has done many movies and did a great job as well.

Assistant Directors have a lot of responsibilities; he should follow the Directors' orders and work accordingly and Anmol has achieved a lot as an assistant director. He has worked as a Casting Director in many short films like Fuddu Boys, Dry Dreams, Taandav, Geek Out, Moi Marjani and much more.

All the short films that he has done are worth watching as the cast is outstanding and played the role amazingly. He always chooses the perfect people for the perfect role. He has also worked in many TV series named which a very popular you tube series and people love to watch it especially the teenagers, TVF Tripling The show is created by Sameer Saxena for TVF. The >> Read More... TVF Tripling which is another popular series and the audience like it a lot. Anmol Ahuja is the part of most of the Bollywood movies and Short Films.

He started his career in the industry as a casting director very early and has achieved a lot. Anmol knows the character first and then find a perfect one for the role accordingly. He is one of the very popular casting directors and he is in more demand in the Bollywood industry as well. He has worked with many popular artists and Directors and did a great job. His most popular films are the peddler, Ok Jaanu OK Jaanu is a romantic serial in the Telugu langua >> Read More... Ok Jaanu , The Joy of Giving, sleeping awake and much more.