Meher Vij also known as Vaishali Sachdev is an Indian television actress. She is the sister of actor Piyush Sachdev. She is born into a family with acting background. Vaishali is popularly known for her role in “Kis Desh Mein Hain Mera Dil” that aired on Star Plus for almost two years. She played the character of Meher who is extremely caring and innocent. This is when she met Manav Vij and became good friends with him. Friendship blossomed into love, and within no time we saw Manav confessing that Meher holds a special place in his life. After seeing many ups and downs Manav and Meher got married. Meher’s family readily accepted Manav and is adored by all. In fact it was Manav who calls Vaishali as Meher (her onscreen name in Kis Desh Mein Hain Mera dil serial) because Meher means blessing in Punjabi.

The reason behind this is Manav feels Vaishali is a blessing to him sent by the God. The lovey-dovey couple has understanding and maturity in their relationship that lacks in many relations these days. In an interview Meher says that married life is treating her very nicely, and will be thinking of having kids when the right time comes. When asked about how Manav reacts to her profession, she said that Manav is very understanding and doesn’t put any restrictions. The two are very happy with each other and spend quite a few romantic moments that are difficult to hide from the media, and all details come out into lime light. She also acted in “ Ram Milaayi Jodi” that aired on Zee TV. She played a rather negative role in this series but turned positive by the end of serial. She also took part in a game show called “Blockbuster” and won the prize money. She also appeared in the song “Lucky lips” from the movie “Lucky – No time for Love”.

Meher Acharia Hindi Actress

Meher Acharia

Meher Acharia is an actor who has featured in both the television and the big screen. She is known for her amazing dialogue delivery. Her most popular performance was in the movie Tum Milo Toh Sahi that released in 2010. It also stars other actors like Nana Patekar, Dimple Kapadia. It is produced by Nikhil Pachamiya. It has a running time of one hundred and twenty eight minutes. The movie is basically about ordinary people and their life stories, in different phases of the life. The story is about the discovery of how their lives are intertwined, with each one's sentiments finding the same roots as the other. It is about three different couples of different age groups, teens, thirties and post fifties. It describes their journey of discovering the true nature of love, when being in love has faded away. The movie focuses on how this love happens to be the driving force for the lives of these ordinary people. Meher Acharia has been seen in the supporting cast of the movie.Meher Acharia has also been seen in the serial Ek Packet Umeed that featured on NDTV Imagine. The show was about how sixteen people after going through the hardships of life, decide to make a happy life, and a family of their choice, and how happily they stay together, and spread joy through packets of masalas, papad and jams. In the show, Meher Acharia plays the role of a thirty five year old Catholic lady who plays in charge of the variety of Jams and the types of Marmalade in the particular section of the Umeed Bhavan, where they all stay together. She speaks poor Hindi, and is a source of continuous amusement for all the people in the Umeed Bhavan. She is known as Maggie, in the serial. She is also known to play Dr.Armaan’s mother in Dil Mil Gaye. It is a story of doctors, and their lives in profession and out of profession. Dr. Armaan is the male protagonist of the show, and Meher plays his mother.Her current television celebrity ranking is that of 1925, and that of last week’s is 2450. She reached her peak of fame in November, 2010 when her ranking was just 721.


Melanie Pais

Melanie Pais is an Indian TV actress and model born on 24 October 1987 in Goa. She was born in a Christian family. Melanie completed her schooling in Mumbai and higher degree in Canada. She lived in Andheri(W) Mumbai. She is not only a good actor but also a very good person. She donates some of her income to poor children.Melanie appeared in Star One’s serial Geet Huyi Sabse Parayi. She played the character of Nandini Dev Singh Khurana in the serial. Nandani was the cousin sister of Geet, the leading lady of the show.Nandani is an intelligent, young and shy girl. Character Geet is done by Drahti Dhami. Drashti is a famous TV serial actress. She played the role of Madhubala in Color’s channel daily soap ‘Madhubala’. Geet Huyi Sabse Parayi was produced by Endemol and 4 Lion Films and directed by Nisar Parveez. The story of the serial revolves around a 18 years old beautiful girl who face many troubles in her life.Melanie did many ad films including Parle G, Bournvita, Kohinoor and Tata Tea. She also walked the ramp several times. She was one of the model in Lakme Fashion Week 2010.Melanie Pais started her TV career with the show ‘Jai Mata Vaishno Devi’. The show was aired on 9X channel. She also played the role of Inspector Daya’s girlfriend in two episodes of Sony TV’s crimedetection show CID. Melanie was also in minor role in Star One serial Horror Nights. She did the show for 7 episodes. Melanie is also in the lead role of NDTV Imagines serial ‘Kashi’.

Melanie Pais Hindi Actress