Aurangzeb-Expanding Kingdoms of the ‘land monarchs’! Movie Review

  • Review for the film: "Aurangzeb"
  • Runtime: 2 Hours 19 Minutes
  • Certificate: UA
  • Released: 17-05-2013
  • Genre: Action
2.5 / 5.0

Aurangzeb” is an action crime drama dealing with the land mafia in Gurgaon, and is one more offering from the house of Yashraj films on the lines of films like “Trishul”, but this film has its own distinctiveness of form and content. The name may be misleading to some, thinking it to be a historical on the Mughal emperor, but treachery as a means to snatch dominance being the theme of the movie finds similarity with the emperor’s belief about grabbing the throne at any cost!

Plot: The story line of “Aurangzeb” resides in Gurgaon, and is about the nefarious activities of the land mafia and a partly corrupt police force that is supposed to tackle them. Amongst the host of characters in the film, a major part of them belong either to the family of the kingpin of the land mafia, Yashvardhan Singh played by Jackie Shroff on the one side; and to the family of retired Inspector Vijaykant Phogat rendered by Anupam Kher on the other. Vijaykant is suffering from depression after supposedly botching up an operation to kill Yashvardhan. Vijay’s son is ACP Arya, an honest and upright police officer, unlike his uncle DCP Ravikant, who is corrupt to the core. Arya’s character is very creditably played by Prithviraj Sukumaran, gradually finding his feet in Bollywood, after establishing himself in the Southern industry.

Interestingly there also exists a lesser-known linkage between these two on screen families. Vijaykant had provided shelter to Yashvardhan’s wife Veera (done by Tanvi Azmi), who having become a police informer against her husband had to flee with one of her twin sons, Vishal played by Arjun Kapoor. The other son Ajay, (Arjun Kapoor in a double role) had stayed back with his father. Meanwhile before his death Vijayakant confesses to his son that he has a second family comprising Veera and Vishal, and also revealed who they were.

Against this backdrop, Ravikant plans a massive drive to expose and arrest Yashvardhan and takes his nephew, Arya in the team. As the plot progresses, the twins Vishal and Ajay are interposed and inside information is gathered to nail ultimately Yashvardhan. Meanwhile, Ravikant attempts to take over the ill-gotten wealth of Yashvardhan but is thwarted by his son in law, Vishnu (Sumeet Vyas), an honest officer, who is out to expose both Ravikant and his corrupt son, but is killed by Ravikant. In the end, Ravikant too is killed, and Arya is seen fulfilling the promise of his father of uniting Veera with both her sons, Ajay and Vishal.

Arjun Kapoor, who plays a dual role tries to inject nuances of difference in the 2 characters, while Prithviraj, a recent debutant on Hindi screen appears convincing as a Haryanvi police officer and is sure to get noticed much more in future. Unfortunately, some veterans like Deepti Naval and Anupam Kher are wasted in their roles. For director Atul, Sabherwal things get complicated as he has to handle too many characters towards the end leaving even the ending bereft of a proper climax. The tempo of the film also falters at times; Atul has managed the dramatic sequences admirably, in spite of the deficiency in the screenplay with too much squeezed in the post-intermission session. The film is well shot, especially the outdoors scenes with N. Karthik Ganesh doing an admirable stint with the camera.

Verdict: The film would not disappoint those who like desi action thrillers and even with its obvious flaws it would prove to be a good entertainer for this category of movie lovers.