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Top 10 Movies Of Arjun Kapoor

Author: Anshika Mishra
Top 10 Movies Of Arjun Kapoor Hindi Article

Arjun Kapoor Arjun Kapoor is a Bollywood star. He was born on 2 >> Read More... Arjun Kapoor is a Bollywood actor son of Boney Kapoor Achal Kapoor or Boney Kapoor is a very famous Indi >> Read More... Boney Kapoor and Mona Shourie. He was born on 26 June 1985. His first debut was in 2012 Ishaqzaade.

1. 2 States

2 States is a Bollywood romantic comedy-drama directed by Abhishek Varman Abhishek Varman is a well-known Indian filmmaker, >> Read More... Abhishek Varman . This film revolves around the love story of Krish, who comes from a Punjabi Hindu family, and Ananya, a Tamil Brahmin. Despite being from two different cultures and states, they tried to convince their parents for the marriage and were successful. They marry, have twins, and have a happy ending.

2. Bhoot Police

Bhoot Police is a Bollywood horror comedy film directed by Pavan Kirpalani. In the hilarious supernatural comedy Bhoot Police, two con artist brothers, Vibhooti and Chiraunji, pose as exorcists to exploit people's superstitions. They stumble upon a genuine case involving a vengeful spirit, Kichkandi. As they investigate, Vibhooti transforms from a skeptic into a believer when he is possessed by Kichkandi. With their father's knowledge, Chiraunji learns the tragic history of Kichkandi and her daughter, Titli. The brothers reunite the spirits, helping them find peace. Maya and Kanika reconcile, and the film ends with a hint of a sequel involving werewolves and vampires: Bhoot Police is a blend of humor, supernatural intrigue, and family bonds.

3. Aurangzeb

Aurangzeb is a Bollywood action-thriller film directed by Atul Sabharwal Born in Agra, India on January 22nd, 1977, Atul Sa >> Read More... Atul Sabharwal . ACP Arya Phogat, raised by his uncle DCP Ravikant in Gurgaon, discovers his twin brother Vishal after their father’s death. They plan to expose Yashvardhan Singh's criminal activities. Vishal impersonates his brother without any interference in Yashvardhan’s life. Ravikant’s plans to take over Yashvardhan’s empire are revealed. Arya joins forces with Ajay to protect Yashvardhan. Ajay sacrifices himself to save Vishal and Yashvardhan. Ajay reunites with Vishal and his mother, and Arya returns to his wife.


4. Ishaqzaade

Ishaqzaade is a Bollywood action romantic drama directed by Habib Faisal Habib Faisal is an Indian screenwriter and directo >> Read More... Habib Faisal . The film revolves around the love story of Parma, a Chauhan thug, and Zoya, a willed Qureshi. The Chauhans and the Qureshis are two political families whose hatred for each other is passed from generation to generation. When Qureshis knows about their love, it leads to a tragic confrontation. They attempt to convince their families of their love, but it ends in violence. They choose love over hatred by shooting each other and dying in each other’s arms. The film highlights the tragic consequences of societal divisions.


5. Sandeep Aur Pinky Faraar

Sandeep Aur Pinky Faraar is a Bollywood black comedy drama directed by Dibakar Banerjee Dibakar Bannerjee is a director and screenwriter a >> Read More... Dibakar Banerjee . The film begins with a group of friends in an SUV, joking on their way home from a party until they're tragically killed in a hail of bullets. Meanwhile, Sandeep Kaur Walia, a high-ranking executive at Parivartan Bank, waits for her boss, Parichay, for a dinner date. She encounters a journalist named Purva, who invites her to a party later. Outside, she meets Satinder Dahiya, a cop who informs her of a plan change. As they drive, an SUV starts shooting at them, leading Pinky to suspect that Sandy is the real target. They escape and head to Nepal, where Sandy reveals her involvement in a fraudulent bank scheme. Despite adversity, Pinky and Sandy form a bond as they evade capture. In the end, Sandy turns herself in to expose the bank's corruption, and she receives a message from someone, leaving a sense of intrigue.


6. Ki & Ka

Ki & Ka is a Bollywood romantic comedy film directed by R. Balki. Kia, an ambitious, career-driven woman, falls in love and marries Kabir, son of a wealthy businessman uninterested in his father’s business. They establish a relationship where Kabir handles daily household affairs, and Kia becomes the breadwinner. Kia is interviewed about her success when she mentions her unusual marriage and is impressed by this interviewer's request to meet Kabir. Slowly, Kabir gained fame for his gender equality and was asked to hold many seminars and speeches caused a strain in their marriage. Kia gets jealous and accuses Kabir of using their marriage for his recognition. Kia, later realizing her mistake, apologizes to him. Kia’s father-in-law recognizes her talent and appoints her as CEO of his company.


7.  Finding Fanny Click to look into! >> Read More... Finding Fanny

Finding Fanny is a Bollywood satirical road film directed by Homi Adajania Homi Adajania is an Indian film writer and directo >> Read More... Homi Adajania . Ferdie, realizing his love for Fanny, embarks on a journey with his friend Angie to seek Fanny's love. They are joined by friends, including Gabo's mother, Rosie, and artist Don Pedro. Along the way, mishaps and revelations unfold, exposing hidden emotions. The accidental death of Rosie's cat remains a secret, and Ferdie inadvertently leads them off-course to Karnataka. Angie and Savio rekindle their past love, while tensions rise with Don Pedro mistreating Rosie. After a series of incidents, including Don Pedro's death, they reach Tivoli only to discover Fanny's funeral. Months later, Ferdie and Rosie marry, while Angie and Savio reunite, highlighting the unpredictability of love and life.


8. Mubarakan

Mubarakan is a Bollywood romantic comedy film directed by Anees Bazmee Anees Bazmee was born in the place of Modasa, Guja >> Read More... Anees Bazmee . In 1990, Avtar Singh Bajwa and his wife died in a car accident, leaving their twin sons in the care of Avtar's siblings, Jeeto and Baldev. Two decades later, Karan and Charan have grown up in London and Punjab, respectively. Karan is in love with Sweety but is forced into an arranged marriage with Binkle. To help Karan, Charan pretends to be a drug addict to break his alliance with Binkle but falls for her. Misunderstandings and secrets ensue, leading to chaos. Ultimately, with the help of their family, both brothers marry their true loves, Sweety and Binkle, bringing a happy ending to the story.


9. Kuttey

Kuttey is a Bollywood action thriller film directed by Aasmaan Bhardwaj. It stars Tabu, Arjun Kapoor, and Naseeruddin Shah Naseeruddin Shah is an experimental actor and asso >> Read More... Naseeruddin Shah . The film revolves around three stray gangs on the hunt for a van having crores of cash.

10. Panipat

In 1758, the Maratha Empire, led by Peshwa Balaji Baji Rao (Nana Saheb), reached its zenith. Maratha commanders defeated the Nizam of Hyderabad and allied with Ibrahim Khan Gardi. Tensions arose as Najib ad-Dawlah and Ahmad Shah Abdali joined forces against the Marathas. Raghunath Rao refused to march north, so Sadashiv Rao Bhau was appointed commander-in-chief. They expanded alliances, but heavy rains stalled their crossing of the Yamuna. Abdali gave chase, leading to a battle at Panipat. Despite initial success, Vishwas Rao's death and betrayal by allies led to Maratha's defeat. Sadashiv valiantly fought but perished. Abdali praised his courage but never returned to India. The Marathas later revived under new leaders.