Sunday, May 29th, 2016

A movie’s main ingredient is the story. Though it’s in the director’s imagination that a movie is born, a screenplay writer gives it a fixed shape. Most of the time, the film’s director is its screenplay writer but, sometimes, another person will get the director’s imagination out in a beautiful way. Sandalwood has a rich collection of screenplay writers. Here is a list of the top ten writers of sandalwood.

1. Puttanna Kanagal

Known as the “Chitra Bramha” of Sandalwood, he has been the most successful director of this industry. He believed that no one else can give a shape to his imagination as it is, except himself. He was the screenplay writer for all his movies starting from his debut movie “School Master” in the year 1964 to his last movie “Masanada Hoovu” in 1984.

2. T. S. Nagabharana

Following Puttanna Kanagal is one of his assistants who became as successful as him in the film industry as well as in the Kannada Television. Nagabharana has given a huge number of box-office hits in the industry. He has even been a screenplay writer for a few of his movies. He stands second on the list.

3. Shankar Nag

The unforgettable actor and director of the Kannada film industry, Shankar Nag, was also an amazing screenplay writer. By doing direction and screenplay writing, he has given beautiful stories to successful movies in Sandalwood. He was the director of the great serial Malgudi Days which was telecasted on Doordarshan at that time.

4. ‘Dwarakish

Dwarkish is famous for his acting in comic roles. He is also known as a famous director of Kannada industry. But, it is less known that he is also a screenplay writer. He is responsible for his movies to be a box-office hit. He has directed many movies in Kannada and has written the screenplay for the most of it.

5. ‘Geethapriya

Geethapriya has directed many films. A director, he has also written the screenplays for movies. He has been a screenplay writer for his entire movie starting from his debut movie “Mannina Maga” in 1968 to his last direction “Sravana Sambhrama” in 2003.

6. Nagathihalli Chandrashekhar

He has been a successful director all through his career. He hasn’t written the screenplay for all of his movies. He has been a screenplay writer for a few of his movies. He is still entertaining the audiences through his amazing directions.

7. D Rajendra Babu

Rajendra Babu was a famous Kannada film maker and screenplay writer. He was famous for his sentimental films. He has even directed films in other languages including Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam and Hindi. He has been one of the best directors in the Kannada film industry.

8. Upendra Rao

Upendra has proved to be a versatile actor in the industry. Besides assuming different kinds of roles, he has even managed to be a director, screenplay writer, playback singer, and lyricist. He is known for his uniqueness.

9. Yograj Bhat

Yograj Bhat is presently the most famous director in the industry. He is responsible for having got many young talents into the industry. He is a very successful director and a screenplay writer. He has done screenplay writing to most of his films.



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