Wednesday, October 26th, 2016

The Kannada stars entertain us on screen and we are very fond of them. We also like to know interesting facts about them. Now let’s see some interesting/unknown facts of our favorite Kannada stars.


Ganesh is one of those talented Kannada actors who strived hard to attain success in Sandalwood. And now he is the favorite hero of the youth in Karnataka. Ganesh is a humorous and jovial person offscreen and this nature reflects in most of his films too. He is married to a fashion designer, producer as well as an entrepreneur.

Darshan Thoogudeep

There is no doubt that Darshan is one of the top actors of Sandalwood now. But before taking up the lead role in Majestic in 2001, he had acted in uncredited roles in films including Devara Maga, Mahabharata, Mr. Harischandra and even a Kollywood film.

Rachita Ram and Nithya Ram

We all like Rachita Ram, the famous Sandalwood actress. Her sister, Nithya Ram, made her Kannada debut with the film Muddu Manase in 2015. Nithya Ram commenced her profession as an actress in Kannada TV shows. She is the eldest sibling of Rachita Ram.

Radhika Pandit

Radhika Pandit is one of the leading heroines, who is in demand in Sandalwood now. We all know that she had worked in television before entering into films. And the rest is what we say is history as she has achieved success in a very short span of time. Well, many may not know that she wanted to be a teacher after doing her Master of Business Administration. Then, as per her request of her friend, she took up auditing for a serial.


Yash is one of the top actors in Kannada films. In fact, he is so passionate about acting that he was aspiring to become an actor since childhood. And they say as you think…well, now he is a famous star in Sandalwood…

Aindrita Ray

Aindrita is one of the favorite actresses of Kannada audiences….however, she was apparently so involved in Kannada films that she found it hard to talk in Bengali, which is her mother tongue, at the time of shooting her Bengali debut movie Bachchan. This sportive actress even admitted that the Bengali that she communicates in her home is very easy and in Bachchan the crew used difficult words. However, she had a nice time in associating with her Bengali debut film’s team.

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