MS Jahangir is an Indian industry movie actor who has predominantly worked in Kannada films. At the start of his career, he was a part of various TV commercials, recurring Television cast, Ad-shows projects, etc. Jahangir was a theatre-artist, and holds a Diploma in acting from Karnataka, India. The artist got the opportunity to enter Sandalwood with a movie named “Abhimanyu” in the year 2014. The film is the remake of ‘JaiHind 2’ which was a multilingual movie about a computer engineer named Arjun and his life events.

The movie Abhimanyu was directed by Arjun Sarja, it ran an average at the Box Office but gave a good start to Jahangir’s career. In 2015, the actor bagged another movie project named “Benkipatna,” directed by TK Dayanand. The film was a romantic-drama about an innocent boy and a straightforward girl, it ran average at the cinemas. The year 2016 brought two projects named “Possible” and “Badmaash.” Badmaash starred Dhananjaya and Sanchitha Shetty in the lead role and was directed by Akash Srivasta. Possible starred Suryaa, Shravya Rao, Shobaraj in the lead cast and was directed by PN Satyaa.

Both of these projects are some of Jahangir’s favorite works, which gave him the chance to experiment creativity and play variant characters. After these two films, his work was more acknowledged by the viewers. In the comedy-movie, “Ayyo Rama (2018),” he was cast alongside Pranaya Murthy and Rockline Sudhakar. The film was directed by R Vinoda Kumar. The movie is one of his most recognized works in the Sandalwood industry. The actor did several film projects in 2019, “Badri versus Madhumati,” “Yajamana,” “Randhawa” and “Nam Gani B Com Pass,” starring in small and effective roles. MS Jahangir is a known face now and aims to work in the Bollywood industry one day.