Bhavya Kala is a Tamil actress, best known for her appearances in the Television Series ‘’. She has been widely acclaimed for her sting bee like portrayal of Sudha, who quite frequently quarrels with her mother-in-law. Started in December 2007, the series ‘Thendral’ has been credited with the longest running Tamil TV series, completing over 1000 episodes by November 2013. She shares a bitter relationship with her mother-in-law and is being praised for her performance all over.

She has been cast opposite ‘’ as ‘Pooriavasu’, who is playing the elder brother of the main lead character ‘Tamijh’. She is a well known face all over since her appearance in the television series. She is being liked by the regular serial watchers and expecting some good roles in future. As an acting freak she always liked this profession and right now seems to be in the middle of her long cherished dream.

Quite a contrast to her character in the serial ‘Thendral’, she is a very cute and innocent person in the real life. She is aiming for better opportunities and is trying to get into roles covering varied dimensions of acting in the near future. She may land up anywhere but she already has a very impressive start to her credit.