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Mussanje Kannada tv-shows on Udaya Music
Written By - Team Nettv4u

Mussanje is a live interactive Kannada music show. It aired on the Udaya Music TV channel. The Kannada word, 'Mussanje' gives the meaning of dusk. Dusk is a period where the sunlight scatters off the atmosphere and visible after the sunset. Mussanje is a show aired daily in the evening. Every day, the host comes up with new and funny questions for which the viewers have to answer by making a call to the number given by the host. If the answer is right, the callers will get their favorite song from the channel. The live interaction by the anchor makes the show interesting. There are also regular callers to this show who have become very familiar to the host and the viewers. 


Parul Yadav Kannada Movie Actress
DOB: 5 June 1982
Parul Yadav
Vidyabhushana Kannada Musician
DOB: 10 July 1952
Aarathi Kannada Movie Actress
DOB: 31 December 1954