Telugu Tv Serial Attarillu

Attarillu” is a dubbed version of “ Sasural Genda Phool” which was launched on March 1, 2010. The series was broadcasted on Star Plus. The show has been dubbed into Telugu, which was telecasting now in MAA TV as a daily serial. The story is all set in New Delhi and the series was directed by Ravi Ojha and Rakesh Kumar.

The story is all about a girl “Suhana Bajpayee” who lost her mother in her childhood and exploited by people around her. She lives with her father and Sister. The key roles were ‘Suhana Bajpayee’ played by Ragini Khanna and ‘Ishaan Kashyap’ played by Jay Soni. The crew consists of Sid, Suhana’s ex-boyfriend and Sanjana as Suhana’s sister. The show continues with Suhana marrying Kashyap unexpectedly and how she adjusts herself in his large family, into which, she never thought of coming into such family. Later every member of the family will be getting influenced by her. Progressing, Suhana started loving Ishaan but in the meanwhile Sid, who is her Ex-boyfriend enters her life and tries to get back her. Later different characters such as Eshwar, Shailaja Deepak and Sanjana enter her life and plot goes with how she deals with them, is the main theme. The plot goes with excitement at every stage and relation between two families. The series got a huge response from the viewers and it has won many awards.

The show has earned “India Ne Bana Di Jodi”, “Star Parivaar”, “Indian Telly award” and “Big Star Entertainment” Awards in 2010 in different categories. The show has been dubbed into Tamil as ‘ Nandhavanam’ telecasting on Star Vijay and in to Telugu as Attarillu telecasting In MAA TV but it was a remake of Bengali serial “Ogo Badhu sundari”.

Another version of this story...

Attarillu is a very popular Telugu serial telecasted at 3 pm from Monday to Friday on Maa TV. It is a dubbing serial of a Hindi serial Sasural Genda Phool which was telecasted on Starplus channel. Ravi Ojha and Rakesh Kumar have directed this serial and Ravi Ojha and Zama Habib under Ravi Ojha Productions have produced this serial Jay Soni, Ragini Khanna, Supriya Pilgaonkar, Mohit Malhotra, Mahesh Thakur, Shruti Ulfat, Akshay Shetty etc. have acted in this serial.

Attarillu is heart-touching story of two unlikely characters Suhana and Ishaan. It is a love story of these two persons who falls in love after marriage. Suhana is a lovely person and hails from a rich family. Having lost her mother at a very young age and denied father’s attention, Suhana has grown up to have a legendary temper – but equally legendary kindness. Unfortunately she loses in love and in a flick of instinctive defiance; she agrees to marry to the person chosen by her father.

On the other hand, Ishaan is a gentle and good natured person who works as an IT professional. He decides to marry the person chosen by his family members as a proper match for him and they decided on Suhana. Thus, they got married.  Their married life starts with a disastrous note. Suhana, who is raw from her recent break up, makes it clear to Ishaan about her no love for him. Epitomizing the nice person he is, he decides to give her time to heal from her wounds.

And then the magic happens, call it the power of marriage vows, she starts recognizing the good nature of Ishaan and starts loving him. It is in his family, where individuals subordinate their selfish desires for needs of the common good, Suhana discovers the true wealth of living and evolves from her initial culture shock to understanding the importance of the smaller things in life. She gains the love of a mother, of a grandmother, of aunts and uncles and of brothers and sisters which she never had. With its heart-rending story, this serial was a huge hit on Star plus channel and received the Indian Television Academy Awards 2010 as Best Serial and the Big Star Entertainment Awards 2010 as Best TV Entertainer.