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Premakka Pelli Telugu Tv serials on Gemini tv
Written By - Team Nettv4u
Gemini TV launched on 13th January 2014 a new television serial Drama. It was the shortest television serial with only 24 episodes and stopped broadcasting on 20th February 2014. It was broadcasted weekly from Monday to Wednesday at 9:30PM. Produced by the Anjaly Devi’s Studios with a cast like Kota Sankara Rao, Akkieni Nageswara, Vday Kiran and other great actors they disappointed the audience a bit because it started to be an appreciated television series at the beginning of 2014.

The storyline of Premakka Pelli follows the story of a girl and it started to be the most different television serial for all the points of view. Like all the serials where the girls are fighting to gain a financial situation, here in Premakka Pelli the girl is trying to gain a social situation. The story of the girl starts when she tries to get married; even she is not very young and also not so old. She is a smart girl and she graduates Journalism, and she has an MBA too. The problem with her is she is not tall at all, she is a short girl and she is denied to everyone as a bride. The pressure on her height is started from the childhood when she was rejected from all groups of kids since kindergarten. Premakka Pelli it was really catchy due to interesting stories and the audience expects a 2nd season of the series.