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Telugu Tv Serial Sandade Sandadi

Sandade Sandadi Telugu Tv serials on Zee telugu

Zee Telugu is an entertainment channel. It is a part of Zee Network and Show programs in the Telugu language. Zee network has already made a mark in the Northern Region as well as in the Eastern Region. It offers programs in many languages like Bengali, Gujarati, Marathi, and Punjabi. Zee Telugu was the first step of the Zee Network in the South entertainment industry. It leads to its advancement in the South. Sandade Sandadi was a Tollywood motion-picture. The Bollywood remake of the movie came in the year 2005. The name of the film was "Shadi No. 1." It pictured the life of three men who were frustrated with their married life and tries to commit suicide. They end up rescuing the life of a business person who hires them in his company, and later they fall in love with his three daughters. how the things turn out is the story of the movie.

Laughter is a good medicine for many life-threatening diseases. Keeping in mind the entertainment offered to the audience by the picture Sandade Sandadi, A Tv serial with the same title was started on the channel Zee Telugu. The motto of the program was to entertain the viewers and make them laugh. The hilarious plot of the Show entertained the audience. The serial had different characters with each one of them holding an important role. The story starts with a rich man named as S.P Bhatt. He was the owner of Shanti Nilayam. He found it worthless to work when he had so much of assets. He gets married to a girl named "Bhramaramba" at a very young age. The girl dislikes the laziness of her husband and tries to change him into a better responsible man.

But the man being stubborn does not listen to his life and goes on living his life the way he wants. One day she catches him red handed with their servant maid, she in anger hits him with a coconut which leads to his death. The couple had a son named "Bhagavatham." He is a responsible and hardworking man. He has a decent job and marries a girl named Swarajyam. They have two kids Sanyasi Rao, and Lahari. The course of the life of these characters and the funny incidents that take place in their life is the story of the Show.