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Ramayanam Jaya TV is a Tamil television series. The soap opera is based on the epic mythological tale of Ramayana. This is not the first time that Ramayana has opted for a television show, but this serial definitely scars all the others in terms of direction and screenplay. The legendary tale of Ramayana speaks about the story of the Hindu deity Ram. He was the eldest son of King Dasharatha. Later, he would have inherited the throne of the king of Ayodhya as he came of age, but Dasharath’s second wife Kaikeyi in the lure of seeing her own son becoming the king asked Dasharath to banish Ram from the kingdom.

Ram being a very obedient and warm-hearted person doesn’t even raise his voice and accepts to a fourteen year’s banishment from his own kingdom. Ram leaves the kingdom along with his wife Sita and his brother Lakshman. The story goes on to become sort of a duel between Lord and the evil emperor of Lanka Ravana. To avenge his sister Ravana abducts Sita. Ram and Lakshman set on the trail of finding out where Sita is and bringing her back comes forth with many incidents. These incidents frame the major part of the entire story.

As they were on their trail of Sita, Ram comes across Hanuman who worships him and swears to help him on his path to finding Sita. Meanwhile, Bharat, who is the son of Kaikeyi, is utterly humiliated at his mother’s works. He comes to Ram and asks for his sleepers which he places on the throne’s seat and rules the kingdom on his behalf. As Ram reaches Lanka, the battle between Ravana’s huge army of majestic creatures and demons, and Ram along with his army takes place. The battle goes on for a huge amount of time.

A lot of people on both sides get killed, but the loss of life doesn’t cause both the party to stop. Ravana’s three sons also die during the battle. All his brothers and even their sons die in the war. At this point, Ravana comes out to take this war singlehandedly. His wisdom and power lead to an epic battle between two of the most powerful people according to mythology at that time. At the end, Ravana is defeated by Ram, and he takes back his wife with all dignity. As this ends, soon the period of banishment also ends, and all of them return to Ayodhya. Finally, after a fourteen-year absence, Ram takes the crown and becomes the emperor of Ayodhya.