Tamil Tv Serial Paarijatham-Tamil

Paarijatham is a popular dubbed serial from its original version in Malayalam. It has over 500 completed episodes and the ratings were too good. The first show was telecasted on Aisanet on 6th October 2008. It however ended in the year 2011 in March month. The serial bagged many awards among which to mention as the most prestigious award is the Asianet Television Awards of 2011. In Tamil, Razna plays the lead role who also played the same role in Malayalam. It is the story of twin sisters named Seema and Aruna who are like North pole and South pole (soft and tough roles).

The sisters come from a normal family that is of middle-class type. Aruna is portrayed as a shy character who is very simple and down to earth with soft spoken nature. Seema is a bold, modern, daring and outgoing character. Aruna is less educated than Seema. Aruna has a dream to marry a good husband and lead a simple life. On the contrary, Seema wants a rich husband and wants to live a rich and wealthy life that is more luxurious and happier.

Seema loves Jayapal (son of Gagadhar who is a rich business person). Jayapal is a fraud, spoilt brat and very arrogant. Aruna works in a telephone booth while Seema enjoys life. But Jayapal loves Aruna and marries her without knowing the fact that Aruna and Seema are twins. Aruna and Jayapal have a child later.

Seema marries Mohanan. Aruna’s son is Chandru and Seema’s daughter is Haritha. The villain is Lalitha Bai who puts hurdles in the life of Aruna. Later, Lalitha Bai becomes good and the story ends in a good note with Aruna giving birth to a second child.

Another version of this story...

Paarijatham is a family entertainer that spins around the twin sisters Arundhathi and Arthi who are nothing alike in their characters. Arundhathi is the elder one who is timid and meeky in nature longing for a peaceful married life while Arthi is modern and has radical thoughts. She is more outgoing and an extrovert who dreams of marrying a wealthy guy to lead a posh life of her imagination. Fatefully Arundhathi marries a wealthy womanizer who is the son of a great businessman Shanmuganathan. He falls in love with Arundhathi while Arthi marries a middle class guy. While Arundhathi gets pregnant with their love child, the step mother Nilambari disrupts the marriage to be held. Under unavoidable situation, Arundhathi gets married to her lover but he doesn’t love her anymore and has turned to a much worse drunken womanizer and begins to torture her. Arthi who couldn’t bear the injustice done to the innocent Arundhathi, enters their home as Arundhathi and teaches a lesson to them with the support of Shanmuganathan. Intertwined with the love of sisterhood and the strength of feminity, this was a family drama telecasted in Vijay TV in 2012. Unfortunately due to poor viewers’ response, this series was stopped unannounced. Based on the original Malayalam series Parijatham telecasted in Asianet for 3 years from 2008 to 2011, this has been remade in Kannada, Telugu and Tamil. Malayalam actress Razna played the lead role of twin sisters in all the languages and bagged the Best Actress Award in The Asianet Television Awards in 2011. This serial was directed by Kurup Mararikulam and was created by Sandra communications

Another version of this story...

Paarijatham is a well-known Malayalam television serial which was aired on Asianet channel. This serial was premiered on October 6, 2008 and ended on March 2011 while it is still very famous at that time. Because of its popularity, this serial was nominated many times on Asianet Television Awards. It also has a remake in Tamil with the same title and it was broadcasted on Star Vijay.
Paarijatham is a tale between the identical twin sisters, Aruna (played by Rasna) and Seema (which is also played by Rasna). Although they are twins, they are completely opposite with each other. The two belongs to a middle-class household. In the beginning of the story, Aruna used to be quiet and simple; she is also sensible and very soft spoken. While her twin sister, Seema acts very bold, prevailing and sociable. Seema is also more cultured than Aruna; she also wants to marry a very wealthy husband who can give her all the splendid things in life and all the money; whereas, Aruna wishes to have a simple life with a loving husband at her side. 
Jayapal (played by Arun Ghosh) is the son of Gangadhara Menon, a business tycoon. He is also the inheritor of all his money. However, Jayapal is a conceited brat and a ladies’ man. She loves to spend his time hanging out with different women. Aruna is working on a telephone booth and Seema is just enjoying her life without a work. She likes Jayapal because of his money, but Jayapal was in love with her twin sister, Aruna. However, he is unaware that the two are twins, until Aruna becomes pregnant with Jayapal.
Jayapal asked Aruna to get married and the two tied the knot. However, his grandmother, Lalitha Bai (played by Aishwarya) doesn’t like Aruna to be Jayapal’s wife. So she tried to poison the mind of his grandson and attempt to stop him from marrying Aruna. Meanwhile, Seema got married to Mohanan, a pleasant and nice guy. Subsequently, after some twists and turns, Jayapal and Aruna were forced to get married. While Aruna is still in love with her husband, he turned out to be a drunken Casanova again. He, along with Lalitha maltreated Aruna. As a loving sister, Seema pretends to be her sister to get revenge. 
The story runs on how Aruna can win the love of Jayapal and come back to her with the assistance of Seema and Gangadhara Menon (played by Ravi Vallathol). In the end, Lalitha was thrown out of Jayapal and Aruna’s life and their house.
Jayapal and Aruna had their son, Chandru, while Seema and Mohanan have been blessed with a daughter, Haritha. Aruna and Chandru become arrogant but in the end, they were reformed. Lalitha tries to use Chandra so she can go back to Jayapal’s house, and this started another story. Lalitha brings troubles to the family by turning Chandru to become a spoiled brat. After the rivalries between Seema and Lalitha, Seema finally wins. Lalitha suffered from Cancer and she struggles into death. In the end, Lalitha changes and becomes good but eventually, she died. Aruna gave birth to her second child with Jayapal.