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Nimmathi Ungal Choice, a Television serial aired in Sun TV from January 2005 and ended till 2007, and the serial has been aired under five different sub parts namely Nimmathi Ungal Choice I, Nimmathi Ungal Choice II – Kannammavin Kadhal, Nimmathi Ungal Choice III – Triveni Sangamam, Nimmathi Ungal Choice Iv – Maavilai Thoranam and Nimmathi Ungal Choice V – Manasatchi. The AVM production which has already relayed more than 5 different serials during 1999 to 2005 has produced Nimmathi Ungal Choice series.
Renowned Tamil writer Sivasankari is the Script write for the serial Nimmathi Ungal Choice. Sivasankari an well known Tamil activist and writer, born in Chennai on October 14, 1962. For a small recap of the Nimmathi Ungal Choice – Part III – Triveni Sangamam the story goes like this. A Chennai boy to West Bengal for his higher studies, and there he gets married to the girl she loved in her college. A Tragedy occurs, in which his worst nightmare, witnesses his wife and child getting washed away in a flood. With every broken pieces of heart, he returns back to Chennai. There their parents convinces to get married again and live a happy life. Did he decide to get married and what outcomes did his decision had impact in his future? This was the short story line of the most popular of the part out of all the five. This serial overall had a positive feedback from viewers of all the age.


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