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Tamil Tv Serial Ramany Vs Ramany Part 2

RAMANI VS RAMANI PART 2 Tamil Tv serials on Sun tv
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Ramani vs Ramani part 2 is a comedy drama that tickles you to tears. Mr. and Mrs. Ramani is a cute and funny couple of middle class life. Theirs is a small happy nuclear family with their daughter Ramya. Both Ramani's long for their carefree joyous life when they were newly married and think about how life has changed for them after the arrival of their only daughter. Mr.Ramani is a sales representative who has a toxic level of humor.

He makes the situation light and funny with his subtle humorous remarks. Actor, Choreographer Ramji has acted as Mr.Ramani and has well played as a husband who sugar coats the criticism about his wife. Mrs.Ramani is an ordinary Tamil housewife who complains about all the better suitors who were willing to marry her, her effort to make their middle class ends meet, about her husband who is not shrewd enough to earn more and the list goes on.

Actress Devadharshini who has acted in many top rated serials like Annamalai, Marmadesam and Vidadhu karuppu has pumped such life in this character that every husband viewer gets reminded about his wife watching this serial. Their 6 year old daughter Ramya is the only person who speaks sense into them in ridiculous situations. Nayar is Mr.Ramani’s family friend who stays in their outhouse for a meager rent. Uncle Chandhru is a respectable person who knows only something about everything and gets into troubles.

Mrs.Ramani’s mother and a gossip monger maid servant adds spice to this entertaining story. Though each character is peculiar in its own way, they are sure to remind us of someone we meet in our daily life. Written and directed by Director Naga this family entertainer was produced by Geetha B Kailasam. Actors Nayar Raman, Srinivasan, Shobana and Baby Ranjitha play other important roles in this humorous melodrama.


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