Tamil Tv Serial Kannana Kanne

Kannana Kanne Tamil TV SERIALS on SUN TV

Kannana Kanne is a Tamil serial scripted by Mahendar Dongari, Bharathi Kannan and Narasimha Murthy Nallam. Dhanush directed the serial. Nimeshika Radhakrishnan, Babloo Prithviraj, Rahul Ravi, Nithya Das and Akshitha Bopaiah are in the main roles. The serial also has the star cast of “Sulakshana,” Anuradha, Preethi Sanjeev, Priya Prince, Nithya Ravindran, “Livingston,” Fouzil Hidhayah, Master Nikhil, Balaji, VJ Tara, Ashok Kumar and Manoj Kumar. “Iniya,” Robo Shankar, Indraja Shankar and Divya Sridhar appeared in guest roles. Saravanan and Venkatesh cranked the camera. C.M Selva Kumar, K. Lakshmikanth Vasikaran, Pasupuleti Gunashekar and Subrahmanyam Polisetty edited the serial. A. Anbu Raja, G. Suraj and N. Subba Rao produced the serial.

Gautam is married to Kausalya. After a few years of marriage, Kausalya gets pregnant and delivers a girl child. But, due to some complications in her health, she dies after giving birth to the baby. From that moment, Gautam starts hating his daughter Meera and considers her as a bad omen. Although Gautam’s mom advises him, he is not in a mood to listen. After a few years, Gautam gets remarried. Unlike other stepmothers, Yamuna is a good mom. She cares for Meera, even though her husband hates his elder daughter. Gautam and Yamuna are blessed with Preeti. Gautam loves Preeti. Like her mother and grandma, Preeti loves her sister and tries to unite her sister with their father.

Meanwhile, Yuva, a youngster, works for Gautam. He loves Meera and knows her likes and dislikes. Kausalya’s sister Vasuki, who had been in the village, is waiting to take revenge against Gautam. But, some of her efforts fail. Menaka is one of the rivals of Gautam. Surrounded by the enemies, who try to leg pull him, Gautam manages everything on his own. Gautam hadn’t given a bit of love to his daughter, even though he knows well that she yearns for his love and affection. Did Meera manage to get her dad’s love? The rest of the story deals with Gautam, Meera and Gautam’s enemies.