Malayalam Tv Show Smart Show

Smart Show Malayalam tv-shows on YouTube Channel

The 'Smart Show' is a Malayalam television serial which airs on Flowers TV channel. It is based on the live format of the series i.e. every part of the show is live and not pre-recorded. Each and every episode of the show is of around 1 hr 30 m. The theme of the serial is based that it used to act as a platform where the celebrities used to come on the stage for some real fun. It used to act like a place where they could get some fun in their lives away from their hectic schedules. Thus it was liked by the audience as well as they could get to see their favourite star live and thus could enjoy with them.

The host of the series is none other than the renowned television personality Sreekandhan Nair. The series is like a game show where there are different types of competitions been kept and also aim for increasing the information about various things in those celebs. Thus it is an infotainment show targeting to deliver some moment of joy and fun to the celebrities. The series has completed 150 episodes until April. But after that, the makers wanted to make some changes in the processing of the show and therefore they had changed the host of the serial. Now this opera has been presented by RimiTomy instead of Sreekandhan Nair. Rimi has also anchored OnnumOnnumMoonu TV series which used to air on Manorama.

And the crew has also decided that now the show would be called as Smart Show 60. They said that they are doing all this because the soap opera has completed its 150 episodes and now from its 151 part it would be doing all the changes. The transformation also includes of getting the audience on the sets i.e. it means that with the celebrities on the platform they would also be joining some people from the spectators to join them and the show would now no longer be a live serial but would be first recorded and then be aired on the channel. Thus a recent update on the social media pages of the series, inform their viewers about the same and tell them to gear up for the challenges. Thus it liked a lot by the spectators, and this is the reason that the serial is still on-going successfully on the network with such good response from the viewers.