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Cinemala Malayalam Tv serials on Asianet tv
Written By - Team Nettv4u
Cinemala is a show that offers its take on current social and political issues in its own unique and hilarious ways. The show takes on different social and political issues each episode and presents it through a skit which not only comically trolls the issue but also raises awareness among public. The show even covers various other TV programs that over exploits people for its own publicity. The show started as a film based outing slowly transforming itself into a show shedding light on social and political issues by presenting well written and humorous skits. Though raising awareness the show never takes a political side.

The show is hugely popular and has over 1000 episodes to its name. It has landed itself in LIMCA book of records for one of the longest running TV shows. Many leading men in Malayalam cinema including Salim kumar, Dileep, Harisree asokan used to be a part of Cinemala. The show has provided a platform for talented people for many years. . The show ran successfully for 20 years starting in 1993. The show’s producer Diane slivester also the shows director has finally called time on the show and ended it on a high note.

The show was aired on ASIANET TV every Sunday at 1:30 pm each episode running for 30 minutes. The show which highlighted hypocrisies and idiosyncrasies of both our politician and our own self with swagger and aura that all the other TV shows yearn for will always remain in people’s heart forever.


Rekha Nirmal Malayalam TV-Actress
DOB: 18 May 1970
Rekha Nirmal
Jayan Malayalam Movie Actor
DOB: 25 July 1939
Lena Malayalam TV-Actress
DOB: 18 March 1981
Nimisha Suresh Malayalam Movie Actress
DOB: 14 April 1989
Nimisha Suresh