Malayalam Tv Serial Nilapakshi

Nilapakshi Malayalam Tv serials on Kairali tv

'Nilapakshi' is a Malayalam television serial which was first broadcasted on Kairali TV. It was scheduled for 8:30 Pm which is a prime time in the television. It aired every Monday to Thursday at that time. It revolves around the story of a man named Hari Narayan and the way he lives his life. He is influenced by three women in his life. One, is the woman he loves Krishna Priya Krishna Priya was born on 26th April 1990 in Chenn >> Read More... . The other being the woman who loves him, Akhila. The third being Meera. These three women have had a huge influence in his life in both good and a bad way. They influenced Hari Narayan's in ways gave that made him take drastic decisions regarding his future. The show had a fair share of ratings and was appreciated by the critics.

It was broadcasted on Kairali TV which is a 24 hour Malayalam entertainment channel. The genre of this show was melodrama and romance. 'Nilapkashi' was successful in reaching out and making the characters relatable with the audience. The characters, Hari Narayan, Krishna Priya, Meera and Akhila were enacted well by the actors, who portrayed the respective roles. The show was quite popular among the Malayalam audience and this gave it a good rating. The audience loved the interesting storyline, the plot, and the characters in the show. The episodes are available on YouTube to watch. There are many other sites where one can watch this show online, if he or she has missed it and wants to watch it.

It is a melodramatic serial about the lives of four people who lots of ups and downs in their personal lives and somehow, they are entwined together. The show was aired on Kairali TV in 2012 and was quite popular among the viewers at that time. It maintained a consistent rating and was in the popular serials list in Kairali TV. The actors portraying the role of Hari Narayan , Krishna Priya, Akhila and Meera were critically acclaimed for their honest and perfect acting and for their proper inaction of the particular character. Kairali TV is known to provide the best and most popular entertainment on TV and 'Nilapakshi' was up to the mark in this case.