Malayalam Tv Serial Kana Kanmani

Kaanakanmani Malayalam TV SERIALS on Asianet TV

Kana Kanmani is a Malayalam TV serial broadcasted on Asianet. It began in April 2006. It can be considered to fall under the category of 'family drama.' It is aired from 6.30 pm to 7 pm, Monday to Saturday. It began as a replacement for another serial by the name of 'Kalyana Sougandhikam' in the same time slot. It was on TV for a total of 99 episodes or one season. The series was concluded after the 99th episode in August 2016. It has quite a famous cast that made the show extremely watchable. The lead character of the show is Krishnendu, portrayed by actress Gowrikrishna. Gowrikrishna is the friend of Manasa, played by Dilsha Prasanan.

The plot revolves around Jayanthan Menon (played by Sanjay Kumar Asrani) expressing his wish to meet his daughter before he passes. He conveys this wish to his wife, only to realize that both his wife and daughter have a severe hatred towards him. His daughter, Manasa, then decides to send her friend Krishnendu as a replacement for herself. A strange twist of events then ensues, and the two girls and Jayanthan Menon all end up in the same place. This sets the base for the rest of the show that relates the tale of what happens next, and the wishes of a father to express his love for his daughter before it is time for him to pass.

The serial is directed by Ratheesh Bhargav and has been written by S.V. Roopesh. The show was the debut for Sanjay Kumar Ansari on Malayalam television, although he is a familiar face from films, having played a role in the Tamil movie Vellailiaa Pattadaari. He also has a successful career as a model. The actress playing Manasa, Dilsha Prasanan, also debuted through this show. Her previous appearance on TV was on the show D4 Dance, where she was a contestant and a finalist. Gowrikrishna is a popular Malayalam actress on the other hand. The serial ventures into the territory of complicated family drama and can be watched by those who enjoy dramatic and more serious programs.