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Malayalam Movie Actor Ajith Kollam

Ajith Kollam is an Indian film actor. The regular cinema goers wouldn’t have much trouble identifying Ajith Kollam due to the sheer amount of films he has been part of. Born in Kottayam, Ajith suffixed Kollam to his name because of his father, who was a Railway station master in Kollam.

A career spanning three decades has made Ajith an unsung veteran in the Malayalam film industry and he has acted in more than 500 films across South India.

Ajith wanted to become an Assistant director and approached the evergreen Padmarajan with the request. However, instead of making him an Assistant Director, Padmarajan saw the acting talent in Ajith and cast him in the cult film ‘Parannu Parannu Parannu’ which proved to be Ajith’s debut venture. He then went on to be a regular actor for Padmarajan’s remaining films while also being part of many other blockbusters.

‘No. 20 Madras Mail’, ‘ Manu Uncle Click to look into! >> Read More... ’, ‘ Nadodikattu Flowers tv channel is a twenty-four-hour entertain >> Read More... ’, ‘Lal Salaam’, ‘ Nirnayam Click to look into! >> Read More... ’, ‘Aaram Thampuran’, ‘Olympian Anthony Adam’ are some of the films that Ajith has acted in. He recently fulfilled his long-running dream of becoming a director as well when he made the movie ‘Calling bell’ which was written by him.

Ajith is still going strong with roles in latest movies and could be listed in the under rated category due to the amount of experience he has in the film field, which spread across various south Indian languages


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