Hindi Tv Show Indias Best Cinestars Ki Khoj 1

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India's Best Cinestars Ki Khoj Season 1 is a Bollywood based reality television show which aims to find the next big superstars to rule Indian silver screens. It first aired on the channel Zee TV in the year 2004. It was the first show of its kind which aimed at finding new actors and actresses for the silver screen. The show presented the winners with an opportunity to star in their movie and get the much sought after the big break. The hosts of the show were the duo of Roshan Abbas and the vivacious Malaika Arora Khan. The judges of the show were the renowned actors/directors Satish Kaushik, Mahesh Manjrekar, and Ken Ghosh.

The show crowned the pair of SarwarAhuja and Aditi Sharma as the winners. India's Best Cinestars Ki Khoj Season 1 is a real test of energy, determination, grit, spontaneity, showmanship, and talent. It is a test of the best in the country to battle it out and emerge as the most acclaimed artists in Bollywood. The contestants face an experience which guarantees to give them a leg up in the film industry. They get to understand the ground realities of what it takes to become big in Bollywood.

These aspiring stars will need to go the extra mile and step outside their comfort zones, travel outdoors, and be a part of daredevil stunts which will test them to their limits. Not everything is as per the script, though, as they go beyond what is told to them and will need to perform impromptu acts to enthrall the audiences. The winners get the shot to realize their dreams while the viewers get to look at the fresh and upcoming faces of tomorrow. The viewers of the show got treated to a host of skits performed by the upstarts in an attempt to entertain and enthrall the masses.

It’s not just acting, though, as the contestants have to put their best foot forward and prove to the world that they can shake a leg too. The journey is tough, but the rewards are immense as the prize is nothing short but a chance to work in a movie and to make a mark in the Bollywood industry. The contestants vie it out to grab their own chance at fame and join the league of superstars we all love to adore. The winners of this show eventually went on to star in the movie Khanna and Iyer as a part of the grand prize.