Actor Vipul Roy is a Hindi movie and serial actor. He has acted in a number of serials and movies.
He has acted as “Inspector Bhola Pandit” in the serial “F.I.R”, which is the lead role of the serial. F.I.R was being telecast by SAB TV Channel. He has replaced Aamir Ali, who was doing the character of Inspector Bhola Pandit. Vipul got a better acceptance from the audience than Amir Ali for the character. Yet, he does not want to take the credit by demeaning his predecessor. Vipul maintained that the crew was looking for a fresh face and he suited their expectations and that is how he got to act in the lead role. It is a comedy hero subject that mainly attracted him to sign the project. While he was associated with the character, he shared on and off chemistry with the co-star Kavita Kaushik. He says that Kavita is like a child, who likes to play by splashing water on others and do mimicry. During the shoot, Vipul used to have lunch with all the co-stars which he enjoys very much. As all his co-stars are experienced people, the shooting spot was filled with laughter and enjoyment.
Vipul Roy has acted in some of the Hindi Movies, such as “Radha Ne Mala Japi Shyam Ki” in the year 2006, “ U R My Jaan” in the year 2011.
Vipul Roy, who acted as Inspector Bhola Pandit had faced bad experience when he met the Police on the way back to his house from shooting. While driving, he was speaking on the mobile and stopped by the cop. Realizing that it was his fault, he got down and apologized and also showed all the vehicle documents to the cop. The cop took the driving license and stated that the actor should collect it only from the court for which, Vipul Roly pleaded that it will be very difficult for him to manage without a driving license and offered to pay the penalty up front and right there. The cop demanded Rs.1,000/- which was too high compared to the actual penalty and argued with the policeman. Disgusted, he decided to record the proceedings and started to do so. Another cop in the scene spotted Vipul recording, snatched the phone from his hand and removed the memory card from the mobile. Further, they booked him for rash and negligent driving, talking on the mobile while driving, not wearing the seat belt, drunken driving and attacking the cop. 
After three days, he met the jurisdictional judge, explained to him what has happened. The judge understood the plight of Vipul Roy and returned the license next day.