Roshan is a multi talented person. He is theatre actor, RJ, emcee, TV anchor, writer, director and event manager. He has done his graduation from, ‘La Martiniere College’ located in Lucknow. Roshan Abbas started his higher education from, ‘Hindu College- University of Delhi’ in year 1992. He further completed his ‘Mass communication’ degree from New Delhi (AJK Jamia Millia Islamia). In the year 1996, he started his own event management and marketing agency named Encompass. The company is now associated with JWT network.

Roshan Abbas has worked on branch launches, engagement plans and different campaigns of top companies like Nokia, Hewlett-Packard, HSBC, Colgate Palmolive, Godrej and Pepsi. He has been one of the best RJ, in the history of Indian radio as he did more than 3000 hours of programming, winning several many awards, for his contribution to TV and Radio. Roshan has enjoyed a successful career on radio and television and he is involved in top family shows like, ‘Born Lucky, Family Fortunes, This is Your Life’ and many more.
The game show, ‘Family Fortune was’ an award winning family show in year 2001. Moreover, Roshan has been on Promo Jury in year 2008 for “Cannes Lions”. In the year 2009, Roshan Abbas directed a movie that is purely based on high school life, known as Graffiti, the movie was written by him in the year 1999. The lines of the movie were written with assistance of Ranjit Raina who was his co-writer. The movie was filmed in Lucknow, Mumbai and Delhi.