Meenakshi Tamil Actress
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Pinky Sarkar, better known by the name Meenakshi, is an Indian film actress who performed in Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam movies. She became popular after her performance in her first Tamil movie i.e. Karuppusamykuththagaithaarar as in Raasathi. Born and brought up in Kolkata, West Bengal, she started her career in the film industry from the year 2006. She first appeared in two Telugu movie ventures out of which one is Hanumanthu, a devotional film called Srisatyanarayanswamy. The later one she was featured as Goddess Laxmi where a critic said she failed to emote well. About her Tamil debut, she was featured in Karuppusamykuththagaithaarar where she played the role of Raasathi, who was a first-year student. After this movie, she was better known for her acts like the girl next door and many other performances have improved her acting skills and made her popular every day. Not like other actors, she took a break from her occupation to complete her education and then went back to Chennai to continue with her modeling and acting skills in the film industry.

In the year 2009, she acted in her second Tamil movie TN 07 AL 4777 which was a remake of Hindi movie Taxi no. 9211. Pooja was the name of her character who was a rich extrovert and party-loving cosmopolitan girl and went into fashion makeover later. The Same year she was starred in two more Tamil movies i.e. Perumal and Rajadhi Raja. After 2009, she stopped her acting career to complete her education and went ahead to complete her MBA degree. Later in 2014, she returned to the film industry and took the lead role in Villangam and supporting role in Soodhadi.