Dinesh Soi Hindi Actor
Dinesh Soi is the famous artist from Mann Ki Awaaz Pratigya in which he acted for over a year. After establishment of his fame as a television artist, Dinesh Soi became a casting director and today he enjoys the maximum number of television plays on his panel as casting director. With his huge success in this career path, Dinesh Soi formed his own company by the name of DS Creations Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. In this company, Dinesh is supported by ten staff members, eight of which works for film casting for him whereas two of them work directly under him for assistance. Currently with ten television projects and twelve film projects in his hand, Dinesh Soi is known as most wanted man by different banners for their casting. For Entertainment Hub he has eight shows at the moment including Jeene Ki Tamanna Hai, Kismat Connection, Masakkali, Haunted Nights, Jai Jai Bajrang bali and some other. The twelve films he is casting for include two Punjabi films. He is also doing a casting project for two DD1 shows. As the most successful actor-turned-casting director of today, Dinesh Soi has a database of more than 1.5 lakh artists which can be suited and casted for any roles required in films and television drama serials. This success has made Dinesh as the most wanted and familiar person in India for this role.