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Saraswatichandra got a lot of hype in media as it was being produced by none other than Sanjay Leela Bhansali, who is a renowned name in Indian cinema. The story is inspired from that of a Gujarati novel with the same name. The genre of this serial is drama with twists and turns are shown. The serial was then dropped by SLB production and then taken over by Sphere Origins.

The main actors of the serial Saraswatichandra (Saras. and Kumud falls in love with each other and their marriages were pre-decided by their families. Just before the marriage, Saras gets to know that his real mother committed suicide because of his dad and thus he disowns his dad and leaves his house. He also calls off his weeding with Kumud as he is rich no more. He also changes his name to Naveenchandra. Once Saras refuses to get married to Kumud, Kumud’s father forces her to get married to Pramad. Even Pramad is forced by his dad to get married to Kumud. Pramad turns out be a spoiled brat and treats Kumud very badly. Kumud bears all the pain so that she could bring back humanity in Pramad. Despite all her efforts, Pramad does not come on the right track and plans to kill Kumud, where Saras interferes and saves Kumud.

After a lot of twists and turns, Saras and Kumud finally get to marry each other but some or the other problems keep coming in their life. Kumud’s younger brother Yash gets married to a lady with wrong intentions, who previously was a girlfriend of Pramad. She tries to create havoc in everybody’s life but eventually everybody gets to know about her reality and throw her out of the family.

At present, the serial shows that Kumud and Saras have moved to Mumbai where their neighbour falls in love with Kumud. He gets so obsessive with Kumud that he kidnaps her and treats her badly. He also kidnaps Saras and tries to kill both of them. However, Saras and Kumud get saved by their friends and cousin.

Gautam Rode As Saraswatichandra

Gautam is from Delhi and entered this glamorous world in the year 2000. He started his career with a Hindi movie and till date has done three of them. In last 14 years, he has done more than 10 serials among which a few are TV reality shows. He has even hosted a few reality shows with a co-anchor. In 2014 he was awarded the Dada Saheb Phalke Awards.

Jennifer Winget As Kumud: Jennifer is in this industry since 1995 and had started her career as a child actress. She has impressed her directors with her work. She is a complete package of beauty with good acting skills. Till date, she has done 13 TV serials including a few reality shows and four movies. He got married to her on-screen partner and friend Karan Singh Grover in 2012.

Another version of this story...

Saraswatichandra is a new series launched my STAR Plus, DD National and Asianet Plus a new Drama and Indian soap opera genre and it has the premiere on 25th February 2013 and keeps to be broadcasted on STAR Plus, DD National and Asianet Plus. The series is based on a novel the same name written by Tripathi Govardhanram. Produced by Comall sunjoy waddhwa and sunjoy waddhwa and written by Abhijit Sinha and Ved Raj it got the full attention from the beginning.

With 5 directors like Nayank Gupta, Arvind Babbal, Sharad Pandey, Arsshad Khan and Himanshu Singh they made a real star from Jennifer Winget and Gautam Rode and also they had to film the series in 4 famous locations like Gujarat, Dubai, Mumbai and London. Saras falls in love with a rich man but she had to cancel the future marriage when she finds out the truth about the cause of death of her mother. Saras changes her name to Naveenchandra and the story of her life changes when saved a friend of her from getting killed. This new series drama have everything starting from love stories, intrigue, revenges, tears and finishing with feelings of fear it candidates to some Indian prizes since is leader of audience on TV.