Winy Tripathi

Other names of Winy Tripathi: Winy Tripati
Winy Tripathi Hindi Actor

 Winy Tripathi was a TV actor who was born on 2nd March 1985 and is 30 years old. He measures 6 feet and 1 inch in height and weighs 78 kilos. He is based out of Mumbai and he has a casting agency by the name Israni Communication. 

Winy Tripathi has acted in various television serials. Few to name are: “”, “Na Aana Is Desh Laado”. Mukti Bandhan is adopted from Harkisan Mehta’s very popular Gujarati novel. The story is about a self-made person and clash of ideologies.

Winy Tripathi has played the role of Raju, who is a guide and for this role, Winy has taken inspiration from Kishorilal Chadda, which is a character played by Rohit Roy Born on 5th April, 1968, Rohit Roy is an extremely >> Read More... Rohit Roy . He followed that love story to win the love of his lady love Shatabdi, played by Mansi Srivastav. “ Peterson Hill Peterson Hill is a Hindi Comedy series that first >> Read More... Peterson Hill ” is the story of five people who live in a small railway station. Mansi Srivastava's character Shatabdi is that of the beautiful sister of the station master, who comes to live with her brother. The boys of Peterson Hill try to win over the love of this beautiful young girl, Shatabdi and Winy Tripathi is one of them. Winy has also acted in the serial “ Hamari Devrani Hamari Devrani is a prominent Indian drama televis >> Read More... Hamari Devrani ” that was aired on Star plus.

Winy Tripathi attended acting class in Anupam Kher’s Acting Institute at Mumbai and in addition, he has one year of theatre experience with Mr. Alok Chatterjee Alok Chatterjee is a popular theater actor and dir >> Read More... Alok Chatterjee . Winy Tripathi is a gold medalist from the National School of Drama.