Hindi Tv Serial Mohe Rang De

Mohe Rang De Hindi Tv serials on Colors tv

Mohe Rang De was an extremely popular Hindi daily drama soap that aired on the Indian television channel Colors TV. The show was broadcasted on Colors TV from July 21, 2008 to March 6, 2009. “Mohe Rang De “ was directed by actor Deepti Bhatnagar and had an approximate runtime of 24 minutes. The show became very popular among the audiences of all sectors due to its very unique, catchy and engrossing storyline. “Mohe Rang De” was one of the flagship shows of Colors TV.

The story of Mohe Rang De revolves around the lives of the two main protagonists Rajbir played by actor Arjun Bijlani and Kranti played by actor Prabhleen Sandhu. The story is basically a period drama and is set in British Raj Punjab in the backdrop of 1942 Quit India Movement. Rajbir and Kranti are two people who hail from very different backgrounds and are also of different ideologies. Kranti is in search of her family from which she has been separated for a while and on the other hand Rajbir is in search of his love. They both meet and life changes for them as Rajbir completely changes himself for the love of his life while Kranti’s quest for her family continues in the backdrop of India’s Freedom movement. The show also portrayed very beautifully and aesthetically the upheaval of our country trying to achieve it’s freedom.

The show garnered a high TRP and also won many awards and accolades for the performances of its lead actors. This is one of those flagship shows of Colors TV which helped the channel to set a strong foothold in the jungle named "Indian Television".