Deepti Bhatnagar

Other names of Deepti Bhatnagar: Deepthi Bhatnagar

Deepti Bhatnagar is a very famous face in the Indian Entertainment Industry. She was born into a Hindu, Kayastha family on 30th September, in the year 1967. She is one the most beautiful models of her times and has appeared in various films as well as television shows. Deepti is originally from the city of Meerut in Uttar Pradesh. She, however, has lived for a considerable time in Delhi and has done her education from the Meerut University. She owned a handicraft factory and had moved to Mumbai, in the year 1992, in hopes of looking for a good ad agency that could promote her factory. Destiny had some very different plans for Deepti as she got offered to model for an ad agency instead of promoting her handicraft factory. She made appearances in several advertisements like Roopmilan Saris etc.

After signing her first ad, she signed more than 12 ad campaigns for which she was going to model. This sudden turn of events made Deepti leave her handicrafts factory and modeling, and acting became her sole career concerns. It was in the year 1990 that she won the Eves Weekly contest, and this gave her career a large boost, after which she started modeling in Singapore. Deepti made her debut in the film industry in a movie named Ram Shastra, which also had Manisha Koirala and Jackie Shroff as its lead actors.

She made appearances in many other movies like Mann, Pelli Sandadi, which is a Telugu film, etc. Not just regional films, Deepti has also been in an American movie named Inferno, for which she gathered a lot of appreciation. More than movies, Deepti won a lot of fans for her travel shows that used to air on Star Plus. Yatra was a serial that was mainly a travel guide for various religious places and pilgrimages. Also, she took up as host for the named Musafir Hoon Yaaron, which was the quintessential travel show and it gave her the opportunity to visit almost 80 countries in a span of 6 years. Deepti also owns a production company named Deepti Bhatnagar Productions and it has facilities like post-production, editing, and dubbing. She married her long-time boyfriend, Randeep Arya and had two sons, Shubh, and Shiv.

Nadia Jamil

Nadia Jamil is a Pakistani actress, who started her acting career in Pakistani TV screen with ‘Putli Ghar’ of Mehreen Jabbar. But her introduction cannot be confined in this single line, because like the versatile characters she has played, her career is also vibrant. She has also tried her hand in anchoring, producing and she is an educationist as well. Her birthplace is London and she was a student of ‘Hampshire College’ where she explored her own ways of delving into the text as well as developing a role. And here her love for directing theatre play, also nurtured. Prior to ‘Putli Ghar’, she was also offered a role in ‘Shaam Say Pahle’ of Mehreen but it did not work out as Nadia was busy with ‘Jaanay Anjaanay’, Nadia anchored ‘Dunya News’ ‘Jago Duniya’. She rose to fame due to her roles in ‘Beauty Parlour’ and ‘Raat Chali Hai Jhoom Ke’. She believes, “At every step ahead there is something to learn”, therefore instead of holding on the bygone period of life she looks forward to discover the new things that come ahead. In a recent interview she expressed her aspiration of making a film and teaching drama. She never strives to be perfect hence she is not afraid of revealing her Achilles’ heels. She has also dived into the AIDS awareness campaign with Salman Ahmed and also made an appearance in the video ‘Alvida’. Directory and writing incurs satisfactory feelings in her. According to her, though ‘Putli Ghar’ will always remain close to her heart being her first performance in Pakistani TV and she had the opportunity of working with Sano and Sajid Bhai but ‘Mere Paas Paas’, ‘Zindagi Badalti Hay’ and ‘Kaali Salwar’ are also important for her.In her recent interview she expressed her love and addiction with Indian Cinema and Bollywood stars. Although she is not interested in Indian soaps. She also mentioned that she is a huge fan of all the genres slapstick, horror, romance that Bollywood has churned out.

Nadia Jamil Hindi Actress