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Hindi Tv Actress Shubhi Ahuja
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Shubhi Ahuja is an Indian television and film actress. She is famous for her role in the Hindi romantic film Aashiqui.in released in 2011 and directed by Shankhadeep. The film stars Ishaan Manhaas Ishaan Manhaas or Ishaan Singh Manhaas is an India >> Read More... and Ankita Shrivastava Ankita Srivastava is an Indian Film and Television >> Read More... . Aashiqui.in is the story of a Swimming champion Cyrus who also has the national level. Thus, he feels that he needed someone to understand.

Thus, he anonymously meets April with whom he shares his thoughts and concern. On the other hand, Aprils finds difficult to cope up with her life due to her difficult condition at home and mistreatment by her material sisters. At last, Cyrus finally thinks that he found someone who understands him and even loves him. At last, they finally decide to have the real meeting. But April discovers Cyrus true identity and finds him too good for her. She finally refrains herself from meeting Cyrus. Whether they will unite or not forms the rest of the story.

Shubhi ties knot with Anirudh Dave Anirudh Dave is an Indian television actor. He was >> Read More... , a popular actor from "Yum Hai Hum" on 13th of July at pick city of Rajasthan- Jaipur. The couple first met on the sets of Bandhan. Initially, they never spoke to each other apart from the scene. The actor confessed that it was a kind of arranged marriage since their parents knew each other and this connection ends up to engagement. The actress is presently doing the role of Manisha in Hamari Devrani Hamari Devrani is a prominent Indian drama televis >> Read More... .


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