Hindi Tv Serial Kasamh Se

Kasamh Se Hindi Tv serials on Zee tv

Kasamh Se is a drama soap opera that was aired on Zee TV, under the production of Ekta and Shobha Kapoor of Balaji Telefilms. It is actually a complete package of romance, tragedy, drama and betrayal. The show was premiered on January 16, 2006.  The show got the Best Serial Award in Kalakar Awards 2006 and in Sansui Television Awards 2008. The show also got the Best TV Program award in the 8th Indian Telly awards in 2008.  The serial was also dubbed in Arabic version entitled "Al-Wa'ad|الوعد" and aired on Zee Alwan. It was divided into four seasons.

The first season was aired on 2012, the second season was aired on 2013, the third season was aired on the fall of 2013 and the final season was on the fall of 2013 and 2014. It was also dubbed in Haitian, Mandarin and French. The remake of Kasamh Se in Sri Lanka is entitled as Kindurangana that was aired on Sirasa TV.  Kasamh Se is a story about the three sisters Bani, Pia and Rano who lived in a small town named Mount Abu in India. They lived with their father, Nishikant Dixit. After the loss of their mother in a very young age, Bani took all the responsibilities and took care of her sisters. Their father becomes alcoholic after the death of his wife. The habit of drinking took his life too. Their father left a letter which stated that if anything happens to him, they should go to Mumbai and meet his friend, Jai Walia.

After reading the letter, the sisters leave for Mumbai. They showed the letter to Jai and he gave them job and shelter. Jigyasa, the sister of Jai disliked the sisters and he is also eyeing for his brother’s properties. Even though Jigyasa didn’t like the presence of the three sisters, they still have a place in the outhouse of the Walia family.  Bani started loving Pushkar, an employee of Jai. But Pushkar and Pia loved each other. Jai proposes to Pia as he loves her. Soon before marriage, Pia elopes with Pushkar which makes Bani to marry Jai. They had a very rough start in their relationship but eventually they became friends. Anu Jigyasa's only daughter has a boyfriend named Rohit and she was pregnant with his child. Bani arranged the marriage of the two on the condition that Sahil Rohit's youngest brother will marry Rashi. The proposal gets approved by Walia family. Sahil and Rano start loving each other which is unknown to everyone. Rashi gets engaged to Sahil. He gets married to Rano after eloping with Rano as they were not able to forget their love for each other. Rashi Marries to Sahil’s elder brother Ranvir which makes everyone happy.

During this time, Bani and Jai gets attracted with each other. Bani knew the secret that her mother was killed in a road accident by Jai. Bani, who was expecting the child of Jai leaves the Walia’s mansion. Meanwhile, she realizes she is in love with Jai. At the same time, Jai was filled with regrets on what he has done. Bani asked for a divorce with Jai demanding his major percentage of his property shares to save Jai after realizing that Jigyasa and Ranvir want to take over in Jai’s properties.  Meanwhile, Pushkar throws out Pia out of his house as she has aborted his child. After breaking off with Pushkar, Pia started to like Jai. She escorted him in his business trip to Dubai and drugged him to make out with Jai. Jai gets shaken up with this incident. Bani took her decision back on filing a divorce after resolving the issue on Walia’s properties.

Bani discovered that her mother tried to commit suicide and she was not killed by her husband. Meanwhile, Bani loses her unborn child due to an attack by an unknown person. After the return of Jai, she confronts her love for him and asks for forgiveness. Jai gets delighted and reunites with her. Bani were convinced by Pia that she has an extra marital affair with Jai. And it was revealed that Pia is pregnant with a child of Jai during Bani’s first wedding anniversary celebration. Bani were shocked after knowing that Pia and Jai had a one night stand. But later, she forgives the two.  At the same time, Jai gets confused on what to do since Bani and Pia was expecting his child. Ranbir started to like Rashi but because of her illness, she goes away. Meanwhile, Pia is planning for a revenge against Bani.  The story took a five years leap and later, it took a sixteen years leap which adds more twists and turns to the story. Kasamh Se ended on March 12, 2009.