Hindi Tv Serial Banegi Apni Baat

Banegi Apni Baat Hindi Tv serials on Zee tv

Banegi Apni Baat is an Indian television drama series that started airing on Zee TV between 1993 to 1997, produced by Tony Singh and Diya Singh, created by DJ's A Creative Unit. Lead roles were played by 'Irrfan Khan' (Kumar), 'Roshini Achreja' (Ritu), 'Shefali Shah' (Richa), 'Firdaus Dadi' (Riya), 'Anita Kanwal' (Amrita Seth), 'Surekha Sikri' (Radha), 'Divya Seth' (Nikita Seth), 'Varun Badola' (Ayushman), 'Rituraj' (Vicky) and 'R Madhavan'. Banegi Apni Bart was about a group of college friends and their families.

Radha, a widow, lives with her three daughters Riya, Richa, and Ritu. Riya is the eldest daughter; she is quiet simple natured while Richa and Ritu are jolly by nature. Ritu the youngest one is very fascinated about love and wants to have a boyfriend. The sisters start going college and then their fantasy comes true, they begin to enjoy each and every moment of college as they tease teachers with their gang, they hang around campus, bunk the lectures.

The gang of Riya, Ritu, Richa, Ashley, Ayushman, and Vicky enjoy their college life. The story takes a turn when Ritu and Vicky fall in love, and Ritu gets pregnant. Vicky’s mother is totally against their marriage because Ritu is from a middle-class family and she thinks that Ritu is after Vicky’s money, she threatens Ritu and her family and even asks her to abort the child. When Vicky comes to know about all this, he marries Ritu in the temple. After their marriage, Mrs. Seth continues to hate Ritu and creates misunderstanding between Vicky and Ritu.

Ritu’s problem increases when Vicky meets with an accident and dies. Ritu’s life gets totally shattered. Mrs. Seth wants Ritu to leave the house, and she wants to keep her baby away from her, but with the help of lawyer, she wins the case. Mrs. Seth regrets on her mistakes and when Ali (lawyer) expresses the wish to marry Ritu she gives them her consent. The serial was a big hit between teenagers and women audience, that time it was a very bold serial and dealt with every issue of teenagers like drugs, adultery, pregnancy, etc.