Vanraj Bhatia Hindi Actor
Other Skills

Vanraj Bhatia was born on 31st May 1927. He is a well-known Indian music composer, provided music for most of the Shyam Benegal’s films, in his private albums with Music Today and many art movies. He got a huge opportunity in the 1990s to compose music for the Vijay Singh’s International film Jaya Ganga. He is trained in western classical music. He had studied M.A in English honors from Elphinstone College, Mumbai. Then in 1954, he passed from the Royal Academy Of Music, London with a Gold Medal.

In 1960, he started as the reader in Musicology in charge of Western Music, at the Faculty of Delhi University. His other noticeable works are Manthan in 1976, Bhumika in 1977, Trikal in 1985 Mandi in 1983, etc. he has also created music for Indian theatres. His works can be seen in many TV series and commercial Hindi films. In 2012, his first work of Opera Agni Varsha had performed in Queens, New York Click to look into! >> Read More... New York . Later he received the President's Gold Medal for his work in 1988 and the Sangeet Natak Academy award in 1989.