Hindi Tv Serial Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya

Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya is an Indian Television Drama, which has been broadcasted on Zee Tv, premiered on 6th January 2014. The show was Produced by Rajan Shahi (Director’s Kut). Main Cast includes Kanchi Singh (Avni Suket Khandelwal), ' Mishkat Varma' ( Raj Purohit), ' Rajeev Singh' (Suket Khandelwal), Reena Kapoor (Bhavna Suket Khandelwal), Waseem Mustaq (Akshat Suket Khandelwal) and ' Niketa Agrawal' (Arpita Suket Khandelwal).

Aur Pyar Ho Gaya is a story about two young people Avni and Raj, who have different views and thoughts about love. Avni is the youngest and the only girl in the family. Avni is a 19-year-old young girl who belongs to a highly traditional family residing in the city of Jaipur. She studies in Jaipur and brilliant in her studies. She likes to enjoy every moment of her life, and her wish is to fall in love with someone despite the fact that she knows her family will not accept and allow for this kind of relationship.

On the other hand, Raj belongs to a very warm and open family where everyone is very expressive, joyful, open-minded and informal hates studies, but caring about others. Raj is a very romantic person and been romanticising about love as Avni. Raj and Avni both meet by chance which results in love at first sight for Raj, whereas Avni is still wondering about the idea of love. They have small meetings, but never really got a chance to introduce one another, but then Avni’s brother Akshat’s love story came into the picture which leads to the friendship between Avni and Raj. They both happily enjoy their friendship and Avni starts depending on Raj for everything and won’t be able to do anything without him, whereas Raj is happy that he is around Avni but things take a turn when Avni’s Mother (Bhavana) had a problem about her closeness with Raj.

In between all these, Raj’s friend Payal also came into the picture. Seeing her closeness with Raj, Avni gets jealous of her. Raj was feeling so good about the fact that Avni also developed some feelings for him and wanted to propose her. On the other hand, Avni’s family wanted Avni to marry Samarth, son of a family friend. Samarth knows that Raj Loves Avni by his actions and challenges him that he will never get a chance to propose Avni.

Between all these, Raj proposes Avni, but she refuses by saying that she considers him as a friend, and she doesn’t want to break her family’s trust. Disappointed Raj meets with an accident. Hearing about the crash Avni couldn’t control herself, she rushes to the hospital where she finds Raj in a critical condition, and she spends whole night praying for his well being.

When Avni’s family comes to know about her love for Raj, they try to stop her from going to the hospital, but she goes and saves Raj. Now Avni is aware that she is in love with Raj and confesses her love with Raj. The story celebrates the first flush of love, tender moments which develop between these two individuals. Jaipur background works wonders. The makers have shot the show at some beautiful locales in and around Jaipur, which lend an authentic touch to the story. The show is quite popular with youngsters.