Navin Saini Hindi Actor
Navin Saini is a television actor and is most popularly known for the role of Vineet that he played in the serial Bidaai. The serial started in October, 2007 on Star Plus, and ended in December, 2010, after the completion of full seven hundred and thirty nine episodes. The serial was by Director Kut’s productions. The serial is a tale of two sisters Sadhna and Ragini. Sadhna is adopted and is very dear to Ragini. However, Sadhna’s life is better than Ragini’s as she is fairer and better looking, and hence is appreciated by the people around much more than Ragini. This upsets Ragini’s mother and she starts differentiating between the two sisters, making their lives difficult, and the rest of the story is about the ups and downs resulting from this.

In the soap Navin plays Ragini’s brother, Vineet. He is very selfish and does not care much about anyone except himself. He tells his family that he earns very less just so that he does not have to provide any financial support to his family. The current television ranking of Vineet is 1324, and that of last week’s was 1632. He reached his peak of fame when his ranking was 45, in September, 2009.

Naveen has graduated from Desh Bandhu College, Delhi, in commerce. After his graduation, he looked after his dad’s ball bearing business, for a few years, until he decided he wanted to be a part of the acting field. He initially joined theatre and did theatre for three years, and got the post of a production guy. Post this he got offers from Punjabi channels like Alpha TV and ETC TV, for lead roles. He has also been a part of feature films like Mudda that was about plotting and planning again a gang to catch them. In 2000, when he shifted to Mumbai, his first break was Gharana that was about the family life of a man, and the daily chores of life. Post this; he got an offer from Balaji Telefilms, for Kahin Kisi Roz, as a second lead actor. This show was very popular among the audience, and was about a murder mystery, and a tiff between the daughter-in-law, and the mother-in-law.