Plot Vettaiyaadu is another village love subject movie with the new faces It is directed by Vijaya Balan KS The music scoring is set by S P S Selvadasan

Vettaiyadu Movie Review

Vettaiyadu Movie Review Tamil
Review for the film " Vettaiyadu"
Runtime: 2 Hours 12 Minutes
Certificate: UA
Released: 23-01-2015
Genre: Drama
1 / 5.0

Plot: Vettaiyaadu is another village love subject movie with the new faces. It is directed by Vijaya Balan KS. The music scoring is set by S. P. S. Selvadasan.

The story of Vettaiyaadu is that the heroine Maans belong to a rich family, who is studying in a college. The hero Hari belongs to a middle class family. They both are studying in the same college and loving each other deeply. When their love matter leaks out, Maans’s father gets angry and do not accept their love; but her mother waves the green flag to their love. In between their love story, Maans’s father tries to engage Maans with some other guy. While hearing this, Maans and Hari escape from their village. Her mother helps Mans to get away from their place and marry Hari. But the lovers miss the bus in the middle of their journey. As it was midnight, they reach the next village to seek help from someone to stay at their home till the morning. They are guided to Vidiyal Raju, who is the Zamindar in the village. Raju is a narrow minded person who shows off him as a good person. There is a talk in the town that all the lovers who visit the village are being murdered and the reason for their death was a secret and so the Police are searching the reason for the consecutive murders.

When the lovers went to Raju for help, Raju shows him his guest house and allows them to stay. During the time of stay, Hari finds out a video, which show the murder of the lovers, who visit the place. After knowing the reason behind the death of the lovers, Hari could not stay in that place. He suddenly escapes from that place with Maans. After they ran away from that place, Maans’s father comes to that village in search of his daughter. In between the confusions, the Policemen get the evidence of the murders and plan for an encounter. Whether they get the culprit or not? Did the lovers succeed in their love is the climax of the story. The hero and the heroine have to learn some acting skills before their next film, if any. The story selection is really bad, as it is an old typed one. Similarly, the director would have concentrated in the actors’ selection.

The viewers consoles themselves with the song in which Pandiya Rajan and Roja appears. Other than the song, nothing is in this film. Vettaiyaadu… wasted the money of the viewers!