Plot nbsp The film starts in the juvenile prison and there are four boys newly landed The four boys Madurai Aravind Kutty Mani and Pandi are charged against

Vajram Movie Review

Vajram Movie Review Tamil
Review for the film " Vajram "
Runtime: 2 Hours 24 Minutes
Certificate: U
Released: 27-02-2015
Genre: Action, Drama
2.7 / 5.0

Plot: The film starts in the juvenile prison and there are four boys newly landed. The four boys Madurai, Aravind, Kutty Mani and Pandi are charged against raping their classmate. The story explains well how the people in the juvenile prison are handled by the wardens. While handling the story in the prison, there comes a Police officer, who is the relative of the minister Selvanayagam. He wants to grab the entire property of the minister and hence plans to kidnap the minister. So, he visits the boys and asks their help to kidnap the minister. The boys agree to favor the Police officer and they were made to escape from the prison. But the Police officer does not know that these guys are already in anger with the minister, who is the reason for their imprisonment.

Later he comes to know that. Meanwhile, the boys kidnap the minister’s daughter Yazhini. They take her as a refugee, deep in the forest. Did Yazhini escape from them? Were the boys able to prove that they are purposely made as prisoners by the minister? Theatre answers the rest.

The director has taken a good message in his hand and tried to spread the importance of education and it should be provided free. The boys Kishore, Sriram, Kutty Mani and Pandi did their part well. Yazhini character was done by Pavani Reddy Pavani Reddy is an Indian actress who has contribu >> Read More... , who has done it neatly. Jayaprakash performed as the criminal minister and his villainy acting should also be praised. Though the message is good, the director has inserted some unnecessary scenes for commerciality.

Music and camera handling are mentionable in this film. In short, it could be watched once. Vajram… smart gangsters!