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Stun Siva

Stunt Siva is an Indian fight master or action choreographer, actor, director and producer who has worked in Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada, and Hindi film industries. He was born as S. G. Sivaprakash, but later after his occupation, he is known as Andrew, Stunt Siva or Rambo Siva. He was born in Chennai, Tamil Nadu and later married Lany Hau. They have two children, Kevin Kumar, and Steven Kumar. In 2011, Stun Siva changed his name to Andrew officially. Stun Siva entered this field with the help of stunt masters including Kanak Kannan and Rambo Rajkumar as a fighter and assistant. After he became a stunt master himself, masters including Anal Arasu, Silva, Anbarivu, and K. Ganesh Kumar worked as assistants and stuntmen to him. Siva has been performing since 1989 in this industry from a young age of 19. Stun Siva was obsessed with action movies, and his love for stunts pulled him to this field in the midst of his college education. He devoted Bruce Lee in the beginning and later Jackie Chan. Stun Siva has won an award for the category “Best Stunt Coordinator” in the Tamil Nadu State Film Award Festival for the Vijay starrer movie "Kannukkul Nilavu" in the year 2000. He also won the "IIFA Award" for Best Action in the year 2009. “Anbukattalai” was his first movie as a stuntman. This movie released in 1989 but was not a success at the box office. Only in 1996, he got a chance to be a Stunt Master for the movie “Love Today.” This movie gave him the right opportunity to showcase his talent and skills to the world. Recognizing his talent for this art form, many directors from different industries approached him. The gap between his movies “Anbukattalai” and “Love Today” did not deter his hope but only acted as a buffer for him to learn Martial Arts and other stunt forms. He was a student of Mr. Peromal Thun, a Vietnamese Martial Artist whose daughter was Lany whom Siva later married in 1997. Stun Siva reveals that shooting action scenes abroad is exciting as the sequences change according to the location, backdrop, and the stuntmen. He also feels that keeping the scenes realistic is a challenge in itself. He was the stunt master of more than 60 movies including “Shivaji,” "Kaavalan," "Vettaiyaadu Vilaiyadu," "Imaikkaa Nodigal," etc. He has acted in a couple of movies in Tamil industry, and his debut as a director commenced with his announcement of the movie "Karate Kaaran," which is said to be a remake of the famous "The Karate Kid" released in 1984. From this movie, Stun Siva has roped in his wife Lany Hau and their son Kevin Andrew as lead roles.

Stun Siva Tamil Actor