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Natpadhigaaram 79 Movie Review

Natpadhigaaram - 79 Movie Review Tamil Movie Review
Review for the film " Natpadhigaaram - 79"
Runtime: 1 Hour 58 Minutes
Certificate: U
Released: 11-03-2016
Genre: Romance, Drama
3 / 5.0



Natpathigaram 79 has hit the screens silently. Let's see how this film has turned out. 


While Amjad Khan and Reshmi Menon  form one pair in the movie Raj Bharath and Tejaswi form another. These two pairs bounce upon each other in a pub. At that time, Reshmi Menon meets with a problem and Raj Bharath saves her. Later when they get introduced to each other, it is learnt that Amjad Khan and Raj Bharath have studied in the same college. The four become close friends after this introduction. Wherever they go, they are together.

Suddenly Amjad Khan decides to get married to Reshmi Menon. Reshmi Menon, who believes Amjad Khan, writes a note, leaves it in the house, and elopes with Amjad to the registered office. But Amjad Khan leaves for abroad since his father appears to be having some problem. He doesn’t inform Reshmi Menon regarding this. Reshmi Menon, who is in a predicament, now seeks the help of Raj Bharath. Raj Bharath asks her to stay in his house. Friction also arises in the relationship between Raj Bharath and Tejasvi. What happens later? How does the family of Raj Bharath perceive the relationship between Raj Bharath and Reshmi Menon? What is the role of Amjad Khan later? Has the friction between Raj Bharath and Tejaswi been solved? Watch the movie to know.

Star Performances

Raj Bharath infuses life into his character and does a superb show. Amjad Khan looks good and pulls off his character with ease. Reshmi has a significant role, and she does it with aplomb. Tejaswi adds to the glamour quotient, and she too does a neat job. M S Bhaskar essays the role of a doting father with conviction.


Director Ravichandran, who had earlier directed movies like Kannithere Thondrinal and Majunu, has shown the importance of friendship and love in a commendable manner. He has astutely handled a different subject. 

What’s there?

  • The first half is thoroughly engrossing.
  • The film is realistic. 
  • The music of Deepak Nilamboor is average.
  • Gurudev’s cinematography is a treat to the eyes. 

What’s not there?

The second half lacks lustre.

Natpathigaram 79 can be watched once for its execution of love and friendship.