With Bollywood growing over the past one decade, it has given us with loads of good looking and talented faces, but Tollywood is still lagging behind. The fact that forced me to say this is this young and charming Tamil actor Raj Bharath. Yes, you heard it right; this young gentleman is making the entire industry going crazy with his work. Son of one of the greatest producer and filmmaker of all time Mr. Malliyam Rajagopal, Raj just like his father, is blessing us all with his excellent work.

His father had given us some of the greatest of all times hit like Kattila Thottila, Savale Samali, Appa Tata and Jeevanamsam. This young lad is a living example to all of the youngsters to follow passion no matter what obstacles you may have to face along the way. There exists an interesting story of behind the scenes before he blessed us with his presence. It would be surprising for all of us to know that he was working with IT giant Infosys before he started working in films. Yes! and leaving a dream job and entering this uncertain line is something which not everyone can do.

Raj followed his passion and left everything he had for his love for acting, and the result is in front of us. Raj's first film was with Mr. Sasi, Tamil movie director known for his excellence in romance. Healso tried his luck in his first action movie by casting a fresher, and he was not at all disappointed with him as his movie was a big hit. Raj in his very first movie Ainthu Ainthu Ainthu plays the character of Aravind, who struggles in life after being met with a terrible accident and visits a psychiatrist who helps him overcome the hallucinations of seeing his imaginary girlfriend, Liyana. Raj said he didn't need to struggle to get into the industry because of his father's image among the industry people.

He created his portfolios and sent them to all the film-makers and producers. He had a passion for theater since his childhood, and he got a call from Director Sasi to offer him the role for his next action. Raj was overexcited, and he already joined the production when the shoot was under way, and he played an assistant to Sudesh Berry Sudesh Berry is an Indian television and film acto >> Read More... Sudesh Berry . He literally grabbed the project as it was a lifetime opportunity for him working with Sasi.. He should be thankful as he was a part of the project which involved Mysskin and that too very early in his filmy career. He played the character of Thumba, who was wheelchair villain in Onaayum Aattukkuttiyum. Raj thanks, Mysskin as he taught him how to display emotions with his eyes and to be subtle. Surely, this actor has played a lot of negative roles but -now he is one of the main leads in the film Andhra Mess, which is a road film about a robbery that went horribly wrong.

The actor himself says that this film is a total contrast to what he has done till date which includes a complete makeover along with the new look and an out of the world body language. The character he is going to play has several layers. The music and the screenplay of the movie are going to be exclusive unique. In his next film, he is going to be the protagonist of a rom-com, which is directed by his very own uncle director Mr. Ravichandran, who had already brought laurels from the films like Urchagam and Majunu. Raj unlike most of the actors is crystal clear about his upcoming projects. He believes that whether a positive or a negative role, he is going to do it if it has substance in it. Well, we surely think that he is a kind of person that through his personal and professional skills is going to create a benchmark which is going to be very hard to achieve.

Rajesh - Actor Tamil Actor

Rajesh - Actor

Born on 20th December 1949 in Mannargudi, Tiruvarur district, Tamil Nadu, is also known as Swartz Williams is an actor who has been active since 1978 and is also the recipient of the Kalaimaamani award. He has had a career spanning 25 years in the Tamil and Malayalam industry and has appeared in more than 150 movies. What makes him more special is that he hasn’t played only titular and heroic roles, but also experimented and garnered recognition for his character roles. In his early years, he studied at Dindigul, Vadamadurai, Melanatham and Anaikadu, which is also the place where his parents belong to. For some reasons, he couldn’t complete his college education. From 1972 to 1979 he worked as a teacher. "Aval OruThodar Kathai" was the first movie he acted in and though it was a small role, it marks his humble beginning in the industry. He went on to play a heroic role in "Kanni Paruvathile" in 1979 which was followed by "Achamillai Achamillai". This was a turning point in his career as after this he went on to play artistic roles ditching the stereotypical heroic ones and did many movies with the icon himself Kamal Haasan. He has also worked as a dubbing artist in 'Murali'. He is one of those rare persons who left the movie industry voluntarily to pursue other things in life. Currently, he owns a real estate business and successfully runs it. He was one of the first persons to buy a bungalow for shooting purposes which was used as a set for many movies. He also dabbled in politics and till date maintains cordial relations not only with the party he was supporting but also the opposite party and communist leaders. He is a Christian by birth and later became acquainted with Periyar’s ideologies. He also is a keen astrologer and has written books on the subject. He married Joan Sylvia in 1983 and has two children named Deepak and Divya. Joan died in 2012. Rajesh’s way of functioning has stood by the adage, “Live life in such a way that you have a story to tell".